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Echo in the Canyon Quick View They Don’t Make Music Like That No More Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Echo in the Canyon is a documentary film, partaking in well known famous singers, whom lived in the same canyon in California: Laurel Canyon. It features music from The Mama’s and Papas, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, and Buffalo Springfield. Watch as modern day artists interview these iconic legends and display their own covers of their music live. Despite assumptions I get from people about my music taste, I’m a music fan from era to era, to genre to genre. I enjoy music from these artists featured in this doc, mostly The Mama’s and Papas and some Beach Boys never do no harm. Echo in the Canyon doesn’t wow nor impress me in any way, however it gets the job done. From a film making perspective it looks like a basic documentary, in fact I’m surprised this got a theatrical release because the style looks similar to a ShowTime documentary. The documentary itself is interesting in some parts, calling it “fascinating” would be a reach. I enjoy some of the interviews from the artists, as I gain a fair amount of information I didn’t even know before seeing this. Long as a documentary is teaching you something new, then it’s doing its job just fine. Revisiting the artists music was quite sweet, it makes you sad in a way because modern day music doesn’t hold a candle compared to the classics. I felt the most admirable thing about the documentary is the fact it felt like a love letter to these artists. Just the way today’s artists express their feelings about those whom lived in this canyon in LA was genuine and sweet, especially expressing how they felt during that time period, music had more to say compared to now. It was cool hearing about these artists from this canyon had a nice bond with each other, that didn’t take much to invite them over to hangout or chill. This is kind of a documentary you put on a cold rainy day and sip on a hot chocolate to. Overall, Echo in the Canyon was good. I recommend this film, it’s on Netflix incase you’re interested. -Mitch Smietana

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