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Don’t Worry Darling; Grade: C+

Don’t Worry Darling tells a story about a housewife named Alice (Florence Pugh), whom has a fairly comfortable traditional lifestyle with her husband Jack (Harry Styles) as he goes out and work all day. Alice mainly chit chats with her fellow housewives time to time, cleans the house, and makes dinner… No worries, no stress about it! But unfortunately for Alice: Something weird is going on around town as of lately. Her fellow housewife Margaret (KiKi Layne) seems at distress, mainly cause her son went missing but more so she saw something she shouldn’t have seen, according to the community guidelines. But Alice witnessed a plane crash as while following the crash… She broke the community guidelines as well, as she saw something she shouldn’t have seen. What is the mystery behind this community led by Frank (Chris Pine) and what exactly are they all hiding?!

Speaking of abnormal occurrences: The marketing for this film has been abnormal you can. Most of the attention surrounding Don’t Worry Darling, has dealt with what went on behind the scenes and even off screen. Been a whole lot of drama mainly dealing with the director Olivia Wilde, whether it be issues she had with cast on set, or how she pretty much ditch Shia LaBeouf for the leading part just cause her boyfriend wanted a part… It’s a very odd way to promote a film, that has nothing to do with the film.

Aside from all the drama: I was stoked to see this film, considering Olivia’s debut film Booksmart was a great comedy film. The change of direction in terms of genre bring a fair amount of curiosity, as how will Olivia managed to make a film entirely out of her comfort zone?! There’s a divide amongst critics and audience, as the critics didn’t care for this film, while the audience seem to like it. For me… I understand both sides, as I’m in middle ground.

The story at hand felt like an idea concept, for a variety show series such as The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, and Room 104. You’ll come to understand that comparison once the plot twist is revealed. For a good majority of the run time… The tone of this film felt weird and abnormal. For a great amount of time you really have no idea what the heck is going on. The film at least keeps you interested with what could Frank be possibly hiding from the community, mainly from the housewives that if revealed, all hell breaks loose.

I will say the plot twist at hand… It was kind of neat. In retro perspective it’s kind of messed up, but on the other hand given what we know later on with our main characters Alice and Jack… It made clear sense why one side felt the need to give in, simply by making the significant other happy. While the sexual sequences may be over barring, with the plot twist at hand it makes sense just why they over do it. You could also say in one confusing sequence dealing with Alice and eggs… Her mind is slowly coming across her own reality, making way to come to realization that perhaps everything in front of her is not what it seems to be.

There are a couple plot holes that has to be mentioned, given the confusing nature of this film. What is the meaning behind the girl dancers Alice sees time to time?! How does a plane so happen to come into their living circumstances?! Why does Jack do a very awkward and cringeworthy tap dancing sequence?! While the plot twist was satisfying for me, I will say the grand finale was unintentionally goofy, followed by an empty ending that I didn’t care for.

Harry Styles may of delivered a pretty good album with Harry’s House, however as the leading man in this film… There is a reason why Styles claims he has 0 idea what he’s doing when it comes to acting, as he was quite horrendous in this film. I didn’t buy Harry’s chemistry with Florence at all, he didn’t seem to mesh with her at all as a realistic couple. The way he delivers lines feels equivalent to a student actor… Why would Olivia try to jeopardize her career, for one who can’t act at all?!

Overall, Don’t Worry Darling was fine. I recommend checking this one out when it comes to available to rent, I found it worth my time and all. -Mitch Smietana

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