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Don’t Tell a Soul Quick View; Grade: D

Don’t Tell a Soul tells a story about a couple kids who rob an abandoned home. A security guard has noticed the boys were up to no good, as he started to chase after the boys. While chasing after the boys the security guard has fallen into a well, as he is now injured, trapped, as he can’t get out of the well. The older boy Matt (Fionn Whitehead) refuses to help the man, while the younger boy Joey (Jack Dylan Glazer) wants to help the man but is having a difficult time trying to find a way to help, without his brother beating the living hell out of him.

Couple things I liked about Don’t Tell a Soul. I thought Fionn Whitehead playing the antagonist of this film was pretty good, I honestly hated his living guts as he was a total douchebag. A great amount of raw aggression from this performance, that easily makes him the perfect bully type character this film wants him to be. Jack Dylan Glazer playing Joey also had a solid performance. I’ll address my issues with the character in a bit, but Jack Dylan Glazer playing a helpless boy being controlled by his brother due to no father figure and a sick mother did a solid job playing a pathetic wimp.

One other thing I liked about Don’t Tell a Soul is the twist... I didn’t see that coming at all. It kind of justifies why Matt didn’t help the man in the first place, doesn’t excuse the other boneheaded stuff, but at least when I look back and go “Oh maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t help him in the first place.”

I got Don’t Tell a Soul at a discounted rental price, thank you RedBox as always coming in the clutch. Oh boy I wasted my discounted code on a film that straight up irritated me as I thought this was absolutely lousy.

I thought the main victim of the whole situation Rainn Wilson playing Hamby played a bad performance, it felt reminiscent to Simon Pegg’s performance in Inheritance, but it’s not as entertaining nor is it as good as Pegg’s performance. Where Rainn Wilson could’ve shine, he instead gives off an extremely bland performance, even with the twist involved... It’s just underwhelming, as he doesn’t take full advantage towards the major shift of this character. I also thought Mena Suvari playing sick diet soda drinking mother was lousy too, she’s used as a tool in the plot, but man anytime on screen, where sympathy is needed it’s nowhere to be found. Her whole finale at the end... Why?!

The story is filled with many logics issues, that almost feels like someone is drilling a nail in my head with a hammer. This film could’ve been over within a couple minutes, if the kid learned how to just make a phone call from a remote place like a pay phone or heck even at a local shop claiming he needs help. Why does the kid not make a call?! I guess he’s scared of his brother, however he could’ve done it EASILY without his brother knowing, so I don’t know exactly why he just doesn’t do it. Some may add there would be no story without the phone call, however given the plot twist... There is something there within Hamby to discover. Speaking of something to discover within Hamby and the plot twist given.... How come it’s suddenly forgotten?! Like Joey asked about it once, as he simply ignores him as no explanation as to what is the reasoning behind Hamby being the way he is.

Also worth noting while Joey forgets to figure Hamby out, now Joey forgets Hamby is indeed a dangerous man, as he now treats him like he’s his buddy again... DUDE THIS MAN IS NOTHING TO MESS WITH, STAY FAR AWAY FROM HIM. I don’t even get why he helped him in the first place, sure he’s being used as a tool to get back at his brother, but this guy is not to be trusted given the information we now know about him, why is Joey such a freaking idiot?! Why does Hamby sill stick around with these kids?! You’re set free and you have a car, why you still messing around with these kids for?! If reconstructed there could’ve been something worth exploring and be actually good, unfortunately the many logic issues make this a painful experience.

Overall, Don’t Tell a Soul is a bad film. I don’t recommend checking this one out. -Mitch Smietana

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