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Don’t Make Me Go Quick View; Grade: B

Don’t Make Me Go tells a story about a single father named Max (John Cho) and his only daughter Wally (Mia Isaac). Max has unfortunately discovered that he has a tumor in his head, which doctors say he has about a year left to live. As far as his daughter Wally: She doesn’t have any other family other than her dad. They don’t have any relatives of any kind, however Wally does have a mother whom left Wally when she was a baby. So Max secretly takes Wally on a trip across country, as a disguise of Max going to his college reunion which the moral purpose of this trip is to find Wally’s mother, so Max can plan out her future to be taken care of when he passes on.

Hannah Marks made one of the worst romantic comedy films of last year Mark, Mary, and Some Other People, so in my mind I thought to myself… It can only go up for her in terms of her follow up. As indeed it did go up as Don’t Make Me Go was a good ole fashioned family drama.

The story as a whole felt like a ole fashion redeveloping a father/daughter relationship that has become slightly distant over her teenage years, however can be a moving tale about living life to the fullest in terms of taking on risks and such. Wally is in her teenage years and with all teenage girls… There comes teenage angst. They really want nothing to do with their parents, as they feel fully comfortable in being on their own and doing whatever they want. So this trip at hand not only can accomplish a parental figure for Wally when her father Max passes, but to also reconnect the once beloved father/daughter relationship that hasn’t been entirely close for sometime.

The part of the story that was strongly executed in my opinion was the whole living life to the fullest aspect, in which Max has been lacking basically his entire life. Max has been living his life in a play it too safe fashion, being way too over protected, as he doesn’t have that confidence and drive that’ll put him where he actually wants to be in life. Max doesn’t have to be as reckless as her daughter Wally, however in order to be where you actually want to be in life, you can not always live in complete fear. I feel Wally really taught her father that life isn’t necessarily promised, at any given moment it can end at a blink of an eye, as you should do all you can do while you’re here on this earth. Per example the procedure: There is a 20% chance of surviving the procedure, however being entirely focused on the 80% chance of not surviving where you don’t even try at all, we’ll guarantee death. It’s best to do all you can when all odds are certainly against you, because you never know… Miracles and the best things can come at any moment, but don’t hold yourself back because all you’ll do is look back on the many “What if’s” as sure enough you’ll die knowing well enough you didn’t do a whole during your time on earth.

The whole journey t’was nice to experience between Max and Wally. I wish more was done in terms of the stops, as I felt this film honestly held itself back from really exploring the beautiful places to go on this long cross country trip, but at least it was enjoyable to experience. 

I will say sometimes Wally’s recklessness can be a bit excessive, as her risks doesn’t necessarily have much of a purpose in going for in the first place. Like the whole ordeal with the hotel employee… Was there really a reason why she just HAD to sneak out of her hotel room, not only was she grounded not too long ago, but also hanging out with complete strangers that are MUCH older than her?! Like I could understand if Wally was having a miserable time with her father, as that’s why she wanted to go out and have some fun. But Wally was having a nice time with her father, as they’re reconnecting, as why on earth would she even go out in the first place?! Never mind the many harmful risks she’s taking going out with older strangers, I just don’t see why she wanted to go considering she was having a nice time with her father and all. Like why even put yourself in a place where your father can panic even more about your whereabouts, in an unfamiliar place your father is not entirely familiar with?!

The ending… Not gonna lie the ending worked out pretty well for me. I feel people will be extremely frustrated with it, however I much prefer an ending in which is completely unexpected than to receive the same ole endings we get out of stories like this particular one. In a way that ending is like life: It can all end in a blink of an eye when you’re least expecting it, so you might as well do all you can while you’re on this earth.

Overall, Don’t Make Me Go was a solid family drama. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on Amazon Prime. -Mitch Smietana

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