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Don’t Breathe 2; Grade: C

Don't Breathe 2 continues the story of the old blind man Norman (Stephen Lang), whom is now raising a young girl named Phoenix (Madelyn Grace). Norman is teaching Phoenix survival skills, as one day Phoenix will encounter some bad people soon enough. Well... That day has came sooner than expected, as Phoenix encountered a creepo in the woman's restroom. This creep will soon find Phoenix and Norman at their house, as the creep’s plan is to kidnap Phoenix for a reason. What is that reason?! Well you'll find out yourself! Watch the whacky adventures of Norman the Blind Man, somehow becoming less of an antagonist, and more of a superhero?!

I liked Don't Breathe, it's a cool unique horror film. When I heard they were making a sequel to Don't Breathe, the only thoughts I had were Why?! Unless they were trying to mimic the likes of classics like Friday the 13th, Chucky, and especially Halloween... I don't really see much of a purpose in having a sequel at all.

Don't Breathe 2 on it's own if it were a separate film, that wasn't associated with Don't Breathe at all, this perhaps would be a recommendable film. Like I just envision without the blind factor into it, it can perhaps be a fun little thriller about a troubled war veteran dealing with trauma from all the sinful things done overseas as it plays along with the little girl and these bad guys.

But since this film is a continuation with Don't Breathe... It just feels off. We recall all the terrible things Norman did to the last group of people from the first film, especially with regards to one girl involving a turkey baster. So now this film is trying to make him a protagonist now?! It's such an odd route, like I don't understand this appeal in films now a days, where they're trying desperately to the make the known villain now suddenly become a good guy, it's just so weird. Like when encountering emotional sequences with Norman in this story, I really have no idea what I'm supposed to be feeling during these sequences at all. It's just so odd that it doesn't work as a continuation with this film at all, if this was it's own thing and not associated with the first film, then sure this could be potentially be a good thriller, but since it's a continuation... It's just strange.

I like to point out that the dialogue within this film was fairly weak, there were dumb moments in which characters would shout out loud, what the audience would be thinking in certain moments. Like we already know what's going on and clearly know these people are terrible beings too, you don't have to repeat it so the brain dead audience can comprehend... But then again, maybe they're just confused because of the first films’ existence, so they don't understand why is Norman appeared to be somewhat of a protagonist here.

I will say as a couple positives: This film can be entertaining in some moments, while also I liked the change of events when Phoenix is kidnapped. Some cool death sequences that were bad ass, made the film a little more fun. When Phoenix is kidnapped, as we're followed a plot twist, it made the story a little more interesting. The turn of events made it pretty clear compared to Norman... These people were A LOT worse. Oh one more thing: I like the fact Norman had a heart, in which he didn't want to murder a dog... Appreciate the fact Norman has a heart for dogs. Like I said: This film would've been good if it was it's own thing, but as a continuation to a known property... Not so much, but at least it wasn't terrible.

Overall, Don't Breathe 2 was just ok. I would suggest waiting for this on rental. -Mitch Smietana

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