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Dolemite is my Name Quick View Eddie Murphy is BACK! Grade: B+

Source: IMDB

Dolemite is my Name is based on a true story of a comedian, actor, and entertainer Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy). Rudy just got his big break releasing an explicit comedy album as it brought attention to record labels, which eventually was so popular it charted on the billboards. Rudy is not done making a name for himself, he wants to be bigger. Rudy decides he wants to become a movie star and make his own motion picture. Witness an inspiring story about a dreamer whom never stopped believing in himself, as he put everything on the line to make his dreams come true. Not too long ago we’ve gotten a film similar to this called The Disaster Artist, great film that is also oddly inspiring. What brought my attention is clearly Eddie Murphy making a comeback to the big screens, I honestly was not expecting a return from him as it’s been so long. Considering the fact people have claimed this is a great performance out of Mr. Murphy and that Craig Brewer, director of Black Snake Moan worked on this... It brought more hype from me to seek out this film. I can tell you this film met my expectations, this was absolutely fabulous. The Cinematography and Set Design were wonderfully crafted in this film, it did felt like I was in the 70’s. Great usage of the color brown in this film, I really enjoyed the locations this film was shot at, it honestly looked very retro and hip. The Score was groovy as well, nice soundtrack selections and the lovely disco cool composed score compliments the film perfectly. Nice voice from Craig Robinson, had no idea that man had pipes like that. Dude can flat out SING! The cast in this film all in all was pretty damn good, everyone played accordingly to the script as it seemed like everyone had a great time making this film. Eddie Murphy playing Rudy Ray Moore was pretty good, only complaint I have is he doesn’t sound like Rudy Ray Moore as he sounds more like himself. But besides that complaint, you can tell Mr. Murphy really studied this part as he gets the characters hand motions, the way he curses correctly, the way he walks... You can tell there was effort put in this role as Eddie Murphy did nailed it. Do I think this will be considered an Oscar nominated?! Ya never know. James Franco almost got nominated for an Oscar for doing the same thing Murphy does, only I believe Franco did a better job with his performance than Murphy. So who knows it would be nice to see Murphy make a comeback and achieving an Oscar nomination while in the process, boosting his way for more roles in the future, I’m very happy for Eddie Murphy coming back this way. Let’s talk about the character Rudy Ray Moore: How can you not love this guy?! The only take away you can make a defense against him, was stealing hobo’s stories, so his comedy act can succeed. But Rudy Ray Moore is the man of the people. Even when he succeeded to higher levels of success, he still managed to give back and make peoples day, it’s silly to say but... He’s a role model. He never gave up on his dreams, despite everyone doubted him, he made it all happen with hard work and most importantly integrity, great dude! Da’Vine Joy Randolph playing Lady Reed was pretty good, this was a nice supporting character as Rudy’s prodigy. Speaking of comebacks: Wesley Snipes?! He plays the director for Rudy’s project and he was flat out great, what the heck is going on here?! Couple flaws to mention. I would’ve liked a scene, where one of the hobo’s Rudy ripped off heard his comedy album outside the shop and thought “Hmmm that same thing happened to me.” Would not only be a nice comedy bit, but also would excuse the fact the film had ditched these hobos completely after one scene. The film also can feel a bit predictable, due to the fact we’ve seen previous films like this before. When comparing this film to The Disaster Artist, I believe this one is going to touch people more than that one. Reason being Rudy Ray Moore didn’t have a shit load of money to start off with, compared to Tommy Wiseau. Rudy was an assistant manager at a record store, had a five minute gig at a club, so he wasn’t all that special to the public, he actually had to work his way up to stardom. Also Rudy took a lot of risk in order to get his film made, he put his royalties from his album on the line, borrowed money from the labels... This dude may never see a dime again after making this film, so this was everything to Rudy and he did everything he could to complete what he started. With Rudy Ray Moore it’s a reminder to the audience that you can achieve anything you desire in life, as long as you truly believe in yourself and do whatever I mean whatever it takes to where you want to be. The story is great, the flow is very smooth in story telling as it never gets dull once in this film. The comedy material was solid as well, I expected a little more out of the comedy material, but if offered a couple laugh out moments. I’m very happy this film got made, this is going to be delightful for movie goers and human beings in general, that need a reality check that their life is not over, you can be reborn at any minute and do what you desire to be in life. Overall, Dolemite is my Name is a great film. I recommend this film, it’s on Netflix. Way to go Eddie Murphy, Craig Brewer, and the rest of the crew. Charlie Murphy would’ve been extremely proud of all of you creating this wonderfully entertaining inspiring film, R.I.P. as always. -Mitch Smietana

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