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Diane Quick View One Whom Feels Obligated to Help Everyone, But Themselves Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Diane is about a mother, family member, and friend named Diane (Mary Kay Place). In Diane's life, is all about others and not herself. Whether it be helping feeding the homeless Mac n Cheese, checking up on her drug addicted sick son, or visiting her sick relative... It's nonstop with Diane when it comes to others. Diane was a strong B graded film, though it doesn't do much as plot wise, I found myself enjoying the simplicity of the story. Some flaws include the pacing of this film. Some scenes I felt had no purpose of being shown, including Diane in the woods, as the camera points up in the sky. Oh I didn't like the music in this one scene, where a character was doing heroine... Very odd choice there. This is a lovely shot film, I couldn't believe the life that was brought out when it came to color and quality in picture. The cast all around was really good. Mary Kay Place is great as Diane, a woman whom drains herself taking care of others and not herself. I thought Jake Lacy was great too as Diane's son, whether he was sick or a cured turn around saint, he just displayed a wonderful performance with this role. I feel this story did a well done job with the character Diane, I've seen many incidences, where I've seen women like Diane in real life, as this was portrayed accurately. Like I've seen women including my mother, helping someone out, whom doesn't deserve help due to being mistreated or there's no point in helping the person they seek out to help. Could it be like Diane, that these women feel obligated to cater to others, due to they've done wrong in the past?! As they tried to make up for it?! Because of a couple mistakes in Diane's life whether it be parenting or drugs, she just feels she NEEDS to be there for everybody around her, because she messed up in the past so she has to make up for it. Which causes her to feel her services aren't appreciated, she feels emotionally exhausted due to things never changing for the better for her son, she then becomes frustrated. Just the way this character is displayed is done well, I felt sorry for her, like let go and live for a little. I wanted this character to just be about herself, rather than being exhausted by doing for others, I felt she done enough where God has forgiven her for what she’s done in the past, as she can do things for her own good. The closing shot of this film, kind of shows what'll happen if you constantly cater to others, whom don't deserve it, rather than loving thyself. Overall, Diane was a solid film. I recommend this film, it's on Hulu. -Mitch Smietana

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