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Days (NYFF 2020); Grade: D+

Strictly Films welcomes you back for more coverage of this years New York Film Festival! Our next film on the block: Days.

Days tells a story, about a couple of dudes roaming around a town. The dudes partake in activities such as chopping up vegetables, admiring the rain, an intense form of acupuncture, and a full out body massage. In this film will be entirely unsubtitled, so they’ll be no dialogue whatsoever, as you experience an experience of this lovely town and imagery.

Now if Days wasn’t a New York Film Festival selection film, this would’ve easily been on a Weekly Roundup, as there is barely much to talk about. I think the only thing that works well in Days, is the Cinematography at hand, it’s an extremely well shot film as it’s quite beautiful. The locations in which this film shows is simply stunning, it does feel therapeutic in a way, as if there was rain sounds, ocean sounds, or even a piano playing in the background, this would easily make one fall asleep peacefully. Other than the massage scene, this could be fitting for a living room setting, as you play this in the background as you engage in everyday conversation. Worth noting the performances by both actors did a solid job in what their given, despite no dialogue delivered whatsoever.

I will have to admit I was surprised I didn’t hate this film, but I think it’s because I got to watch this in the own comfort of my home, in a warm and cozy bed setting. Plus this film requires a lot of patience, as since I’m great in that field while also being in a good mood and in a proper setting, I feel this film caught a big break as I could’ve easily deliver a rant storm. Now if I saw Days in a theater setting, more than likely my perspective of this film would’ve been much different.

It’s also worth noting since I was in the own comfort in my home, I also had the privilege to fast forward whenever needed. Now imagine watching a scene, in which a man gives another man a full out naked body massage for not kidding eighteen minutes straight, and not having the privilege to fast forward it... That would be a nightmare to witness that entire scene. The film really has no plot whatsoever, which isn’t entirely a bad thing as this film does try to offer an experience around this town you’ve never experience before. However there has got to be some kind of depth, as there is some kind of meaning behind this film, other than experiencing a couple men roaming around in this town until they finally meetup in a hotel.

For me I didn’t get much out of it, as in fact I tried to come up with excuses on what the film maker was trying to say delivering this experience. It could be whether or not we’re rich or poor like the characters in this life, we all experience life the same, as days we partake in life are not different. Having to fast forward or be attempted to fast forward multiple times, is not what you want from your film. I’ll admit before the massage scene I was watching this in it’s entirety, but when the massage scene came I was more obliged to use the fast forward button more as I just didn’t care anymore. It’s a film in which has a nice visual experience, but other than that it simply offers absolutely nothing other than that, as this just wasn’t for me.

Overall, Days is meh but more than likely lucked out on getting a much worst grade. I don’t recommend this film, since were talking about a silent film, just watch Shaun the Sheep Farmageddon instead, at least it offers a plot and a lovely animated experience. -Mitch Smietana

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