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Dark Waters A Film That is Important in Subject Matter, But Needs More Help Grade: B-

Source: IMDB

Dark Waters is based on a true story, about an defense attorney named Robert Bilott (Mark Ruffalo). Normally Robert is hired to defend chemical companies, but on one evening Robert is called for help by a local farmer in Robert’s hometown in West Virginia. Robert takes a look around the local farmers property, where there is no sign of life or for the farmers matter... Not many cows surround his property. The farmer claims he has lost 190 cows as he claims it has something to do with the water the cows are drinking, so he believes the Dupont a local chemical property is polluting the water. Causing not only the cows to die rapidly with sudden tumors and other diseases, but also fear that the residents of this town is also being affected by Dupont. Witness an haunting story that’ll make you feel not only angry, but terrified for your own life. So Dark Waters can be simply reviewed without going the normal format I typically use. The biggest strength of this film is certainly the screen play and story being told: This is a damn good story and certainly frightening. Not only is it an engaging story start to finish, with maybe five minutes too long in the end possibly... But it’s also an important story to tell, as every single human being living should know about the corruption this chemical corporation has done to the human race, all because they fear for their money. It’s quite sickening to witness the events this company has done to people and how they got a hold of this chemical, I mean this chemical should’ve NEVER step foot for Americans to use. If you ever wonder why some people are diagnosed for cancer, tumors, and any other form of diseases.... Dupont possibly made that happen, I’m not giving them all the blame, but since we’re talking 99% of the human population has partaken in this chemical unknowingly... It’s quite possible most of the blame is on them. The characters written were also well written whether it be extremely likable like Robert Bilot or extremely unlikable like one of these sleaze bags partaken in the chemical company. God Bless Robert and his undeniably outstanding effort in trying to not only receive justice, but to also find solutions and answers for corruption to be stopped and bring back proper health for the American people. Who knows what might of happened if Robert didn’t step out of his comfort zone and do the right thing for a stranger that needed his help, as he could’ve done what most people do and just be a sitting duck counting their money away, he surely is a hero indeed and should be greatly acknowledged. The film tastefully brings cameo of the real people behind the story, Robert Bilot and of course one whom was horribly effected by this chemical since birth. I felt those cameos were tasteful and I give respect to this film for bringing them onto this project, in which they were based around this story. The biggest problem I have with Dark Waters is simply every other element does not come up to par with the story, I felt underwhelmed by everything. Other than two shots, the Cinematography was absolutely bland, I felt they could’ve used the cinematographer for whomever did the cinematography for First Reformed, which in a way both films are dealing with environmental issues so it would’ve made sense. I mean when nothing is going on, I was simply bored because the way this film is shot is just incredibly dull to look at, I’m not asking for ground breaking cinematography just make me feel engaged within the picture I’m being shown. The Score was forgettable as well, I don’t remember a single thing and I just watched this a couple days ago. The cast in this film although not bad, I just felt it wasn’t great. I did not care for Mark Ruffalo at all in this film, I felt his performance was quite weak in this. It feels as if he’s struggling throughout this film, as he is poor in execution with several scenes. I can’t tell if maybe Mark was having a difficult time playing this role, due to his unconditional passion for politics and nature, but for the characters description to be a lawyer whom is strong willed... He just looks weak in my opinion. I felt Anne Hathaway near the end had the best performance from the entire cast, for the first half she was barely there, but picked up in the end. Also felt Tim Robbins was fine, it was a nice little supporting performance. But everyone else is either fine or just could’ve done a better job in what they were given. If everything was up to par with the story, you can simply count this in the Oscar race, but unfortunately the script is doing all the work in this project, while everyone else... My mans the script needs some help guys! Overall, Dark Waters is a fairly decent film, as it is certainly an important film. I recommend this film, I do think everyone should watch this film and who knows maybe you’ll like it more than me, but for me I expected more from the supporting aspects surrounding the story. -Mitch Smietana

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