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Cry Macho; Grade: B

Cry Macho tells a story about a past rodeo star Mike Milo (Clint Eastwood), whom partakes in a task brought up by an ole pal whom has helped Mike in the past when he was down and out. The mission is for Mike to do down to Mexico, to retrieve the pal's son Rafo (Eduardo Minett) and bring him on back to the states. Rafo is currently dealing with the hardships of abuse and neglect from his own mother, as Mike must bring Rafo to the states to secure a better life in America. Witness an unexpected bondage between the two during their travels back, as trouble will await them here and there, as well as both will find where they're suppose to be.

At 91 years of age, Clint Eastwood is still making and managing to star in his own movies... They'll never be another Clint, so enjoy his presence in cinema while you still can. For a 91 year old... Heck he's still got it.

Cry Macho is not your traditional Western film you come to seen in the past, especially from a Western icon like Clint himself. It doesn't necessarily follow those thrilling tropes you've come to known in the past, epic brawls, epic gun duels etc. It has it's moments, but the film is really centered on the bond between Mike and Rafo, as within their journey it felt Clint is basically describing the meaning of life following a child's life and elderly man's life.

When it comes to the child life portion, I felt Clint was basically saying sometimes life can feel not as fair as you hope to be, as you got to do things you don’t want to do because it’s beyond your own control. Especially in Rafo's case where he has both shitty parents, whom don't really care for the kid at all as they only care about themselves. However the child shouldn't be in the drivers seat when it comes to navigating life, as the child will then become directionless as more than likely will tend to immensely struggle. That's why as a child though in Rafo's circumstance may not be completely fair, however the situation in front of him that'll best suit for a more comfortable life, just has to continue on. After all: Nobody's perfect or no lifestyle is perfect, as when bumps come up the road... Just have to know that that's life, as you have to continue on forward and hope for the best.

As far as the elderly man portion: When you lived out life to the point where there's nothing left of it, it's always best to just do whatever you want. Especially in Mike's case, where the circumstance in front of him offers a quiet area, a warm welcoming home, and people that actually respects his attributes to society... What can be better than this?! As one whom feels like a wise old soul trapped in a 25 year olds body.. Hell I can relate to that.

I enjoy the fact Cry Macho isn't predictable at all. I believe Clint Eastwood helmed this story well, in which tricked the audience into thinking the story will go exactly this way or that way like we're used to seeing, as fortunately he takes some rather odd turns but their good odd turns. In a way he kind of makes fun of some tropes, especially in the not so epic finale, where it's an unintellionally hilarious moment but I think that was Clint's intentions in the first place.

My issues with Cry Macho would be some moments in the film can be a bit too silly, as you question some of the logic here and there. The film can drag in the middle for a bit, also thought the acting could've been better as a whole cast, Clint at 91... He still looks like the same ole bad ass we've seen for many decades now.

Cry Macho for what it is was relaxing, calm, pleasant, and enjoyable while the vibe felt like a little grandpa tale that delivers a thoughtful message.

Overall, Cry Macho was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, I will say it's not for everyone especially if you're looking for an old school Clint Eastwood western... This is definitely different so be warned.

Jim Moore was a man of the people. Whenever you needed one to construct, fix, or help with your needs around the household or a business of your own… Jim was always there. Jim always loved to help out everyone whom needed him with anything, as he always did with it a smile as not a single complaint was filed while doing so.

Jim has been a proud, prideful, and loving husband to his wife Karen for many decades. Their love they shared with each other remained strong like it was the first and last day of their time spent together. Not only was Jim a great husband to Karen, Jim was great in any field. Jim was a great father, brother, and most certainly a great friend.

My mother had been friends with Jim since she was nineteen years old, which totaled almost four long and meaningful decades worth of friendship. My mother has always talked about Jim year in and year out, as he was called to be a warm presence whom would always be open arms whenever she needed anything.

In 2019 when I moved to Florida, I finally met Jim at a local bar as he was exactly like my mother said… The Nicest Guy you’ll ever meet. The most memorable moment I’ve had with Jim was him teaching me how to power wash. Jim would help me find a job at the end of 2020, which for the time being blessed me with a decent amount of financial stability to help within my own living circumstance.

I can’t imagine what everyone else whom has personally known and loved Jim for a good period of time is feeling at the moment, however though I barely have known him as we spent little time with each other… With Jim it didn’t matter the amount of time you spent with him, his presence made you feel valued in this world. I know for a fact God has a special place for this wonderful loving being. Thank you for all the happiness and love you brought to my mother, as well as for every single family member, friend, acquaintance, associate, and stranger you’ve come across with during your time here. Rest In Peace Jim Moore, God Bless you and thank you for setting a great example for us all… We’re all missing you dearly. - Mitch Smietana

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