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CopShop; Grade: C+

Copshop tells a story about a man named Teddy (Frank Grillo), who unexpectedly sucker punches a cop as it brought him a one night stay in jail. The reason why Teddy brought himself to jail, is to keep himself away from an assassin whom is after him. Well it turns out... That same assassin by the name of Bob (Gerard Butler) found himself a way to get himself arrested and brought to the same jail as Teddy. Fortunately for Teddy, Bob is in a cell across from him due to having being charged for being intoxicated, however Bob hopes to find a way to change all that as he wants to finish the job. Teddy, Bob, and their feud will take a slight brief hold, as they'll have some unexpected company on their hands.

I'm not gonna lie: I had no intentions to see CopShop. The only reason I saw it due to the fact it was the only film playing, when I just got off from work that played along with another film I wanted to watch after, so that's how I was brought onto CopShop. I must say... CopShop was kind of a surprise, as this wasn't half bad.

In some moments, the visuals looked pretty cool, especially the opening as it looked old school. Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo put on a show together, delivering great chemistry on screen as they were the most entertaining part of this film hands down. I also thought Alexis Louder playing the main cop was also pretty good as well, as she also played along with great chemistry with Butler and Grillo, what an entertaining trio I will say.

The story as it's mostly told in one setting, was cool. The film really keeps you invested in our main characters and what is at stakes due to the strange circumstances ahead, as it was throughly entertaining. I liked the second and third act, as it was gun blazing fun.

My biggest achilles heel with this film has to be the comedy, as I didn't care for the comedic side of this film at all. It just wasn't clicking for me at all, as it felt kind of stupid and weak. Speaking of stupid in terms of comedy: The comedic relief character Anthony Lamb (Toby Huss)... I hated this character, I thought he was the most annoying thing about this entire film hands down. He's suppose to play this insane weirdo, yet it comes off baffling as it gave me a headache. The finale... Meh? I guess I can understand to a certain extent, however regarding one character at hand, it feels questionable knowing all that character has gone through, why exactly even attempt knowing the other character basically salvage your life?!

Overall, CopShop was perfectly fine. I recommend checking this one out, most preferably for rental however if you want a theater to yourself... I think you can get yourself one for this one, nice little average hidden gem I must say. -Mitch Smietana

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