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Come to Daddy; Grade: C

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Come to Daddy tells a story about a man named Norval (Elijah Wood), whom travels to the woods and on a remote cabin to visit his father, whom he has not seen since he abandon him 30 years ago. Norval's time with his dad has not been what he expected at all. A very rude dysfunctional man, that doesn't really want Norval's company. Norval's dad went after Norval with a butchers knife, as he encounters a heart attack which left him dead on the cabin floor. Now Norval needs to stay in the house, with his dead fathers body, till his mother comes as they can arrange what to do with the body. Norval seems to become extremely paranoid as he hears many strange sounds at night, while taking on past demons of his own.

The Cinematography t'was good, I enjoyed the shots surrounding the waters of the cabin side and a lovely red lighted shot. The Score all in all was enjoyably fine, a unique style of music. The cast all in all t'was pretty good, they were top notch in this weirdly written script. Elijah Wood playing Norval had a pretty good performance, Elijah Wood continues his long trend of exploring these weird and awkward roles since his breakout Lord of the Rings days. This and I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore... Such strange roles, yet he does a really good job in them. The character Norval as written was very intriguing in the first half, as we got to see an intriguing psychological look in Norval's mind. I think what is flawed about this character is what happens in the second half of the film... Sure the second half is completely different, but in this characters case he doesn't really change at all. I thought the character was going to take a different turn, as we see him change into a whole different breed, but then they just held him back from his potential as it left me kind of disappointed.

So Come to Daddy... Let's start with the praises. I enjoyed the first half of the story, it kept me invested in it's weird dark psychological tone it was going for originally. It was also a nice character study of Norval, I felt like this character was very interesting encountering his past demons and now his difficulty of handling his father in present day. I did find one entertaining aspect in the second half, involving a gruesome death scene, which was very brutal but very entertaining. I appreciate the originality of the story, I also appreciate the title sequence as well.

My main issues involving this film is more towards the second half... It was completely different tone wise, as it turned me off from what I was watching. A psychological thriller, now becomes an action/comedy/slasher film?! The twist itself left me underwhelmed as I've seen this twist before from a film back in the fall of 2015, which I won't reveal because that'll give the twist away from this film. I didn't enjoy much of the comedy aspect of the 2nd half, just found it pretty stupid. Sure this film had an entertaining death sequence, but then it just holds it back from becoming more entertaining as it leans towards more in the comedy route, which left me disappointed. I didn't enjoy the finale much at all, found it ridiculous. I felt what the film was going for originally in the first half should've remained the same. Though the first half can be considered weird, at least it was a weird tone that you can tolerate as well as you were actually invested in the story taking place. The second half is just completely bizarre... Like come on man?!

Overall, Come to Daddy is just ok. If it becomes available for free on a streaming service then give it a go, I wouldn't recommend paying to rent this film. -Mitch Smietana

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