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Color Out of Space Richard Stanley Returns With an Unusual Entertaining Sci-Fi Film Grade: B

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Color Out of Space tells a story of a family living away from society, growing their own food, and producing their own milk from alpacas... You heard that right, alpacas. While everything in the household was pretty much basic living, tragedy begins with the small little farm house being struck by a meteorite. This was not any ordinary meteorite, it produced a color no one has ever seen before. But within this meteorite, problems begin to happen with this family. So one could say Color Out of Space is another weird but interesting choice from Nicolas Cage. However Color Out of Space is more than just an interesting weird Nick Cage film, film buffs are excited for the return of film maker Richard Stanley. Film fans have not waited a long time for the return of Stanley, but also Stanley and Cage to work together on a project. The Cinematography t’was lovely, majority of the shots look beautiful in a great way and in a nightmare way as well. I would say the cinematography in Mandy was slightly better, but it does compliment it well on a double feature. The Score was solid as well. The cast in this film all in all despite being goofy, for a film of this nature it worked out pretty well. Nicolas Cage playing the family man Nathan Gardner was at times over the top, however he provided some hilarious entertaining scenes and for a film of it’s weird nature, it worked out well in Cage’s favor. There is definitely some memorable Cage moments, including throwing out a bunch of fruit and the way he talks to his kids when he’s pissed off. I enjoyed the entire Gardner family, maybe the stoner son was eh but everyone else did a pretty good job. I also enjoyed the supporting performances from Elliot Knight and Tommy Chong playing a weird hipster dude. I do have a couple flaws for Color Out of Space. Some scenes were a bit goofy for my taste, especially some of the Sci-Fi elements which I found kind of ridiculous. I gotta say Nicolas Cage despite his reputation of being a laughing stalk, due to the fact he’s in many terrible films lately... His last few choices have actually brought his reputation back up. With Mom and Dad, Mandy, and now Color Out of Space... Despite these films maybe being too much for a normal audience, these are quite unique and fun. I enjoyed Color Out of Space, it’s such a weird film but it’s rather interesting and at times entertaining. The story itself despite being weird, it does have something to say regarding how families become more involved with each other. Earlier in the film the family felt very casual, they were pretty lackadaisical and went on about their days. I mean there was no awareness for the daughter believing in Satanic rituals and the son being a stoner. See when things run completely normal and sane, we honestly just forget to be cautious for those we love and just go on our own route. But now since the meteorite has struck down out of nowhere, we see the family becoming more concern for everyone around them. It’s weird how tragedy brings us together, while when everything is completely normal it pushes us much farther away. Some may get turned off by this film by it’s over the top elements, mixed with some unsettling scenes. But for me this film kept me engaged from start to finish, as your trying to discover how and why does this meteorite bring such a devastating unknown source of power. If you enjoy unique original Sci-Fi films, this one should work for you because it’s definitely something different. Overall, Color Out of Space was a solid film. Thank God we finally got a good movie out of 2020, I was getting worried for a quick second. I recommend this film, not sure if it’ll be released in theaters again as it was a one night only event, but who knows maybe an encore could happen if not it’ll be available next month. So a quick story to tell before I ship off. As the painful advertisement of the theatrical experience was coming to a close, a grown man with bags of left overs came walking up the stairs. I noticed that this man looked familiar, as I may have seen him before. It was... NICOLAS CAGE HIMSELF. I said out loud, “HOLY SHIT” as I couldn’t believe my eyes the man himself was here to see his new movie, here in Las Vegas. The movie experience became a little unfortunate in my favor, as I was having trouble breathing due to the fact my level of excitement of meeting Nick Cage was about to become reality right after this movie. After the movie was over, I walked down at the end as I waited for Nick Cage to get up and start leaving. Some of the audience knew it was him, as they waited to greet him. Nick thanks the audience, as he starts shaking my hand as I asked for a quick picture. He says yes as we take a quick selfie, then we walked out of theater together as I was then having a conversation with Mr. Cage himself. I talked about how I would like for him to do more films like Mandy and Color Out of Space and that he did get robbed an Oscar nomination for Mandy. He thanked me a few times, as he said, “The Oscars don’t understand nor recognize horror cinema.” I shook his hand one more time and thanked him, as we depart into our separate ways. So you can say my Color Out of Space experience was certainly... Out of this world. -Mitch Smietana

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