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Catch the Fair One (2021 Tribeca Film Festival); Grade: B

Strictly Films welcomes you back to more coverage of this year's 2021 Tribeca Film Festival! Our next film on the block: Catch the Fair One. Catch the Fair One tells a story about a former pro boxer Kaylee (Kali Reis) whom embarks on the biggest fight of her entire life... Finding her missing sister. Kaylee strongly believes these sex traffickers kidnapped her sister, as Kaylee plans the immense struggle ahead on going through that process. She'll have to maneuver her way through some truly awful people.

As I looked on the cover image they used for Catch the Fair One, I was expecting another boxing film, which I was actually in the mood for one of those. Although it is about a boxer, but instead it's more of a suspense thriller that had nothing to do with boxing which caught me off guard in a good way. I felt it was a unique little concept, as one that is heavily trained in fighting as one like Kaylee, how she can take down all her enemies one by one in order to achieve in retrieving her sister.

Catch the Fair One felt like a basic by the numbers suspense thriller, however the execution of it all t'was engaging from start to finish. Watching Kaylee go through such a difficult task at hand in order to potentially save her sister, was tense in several moments. I was surprised with some gruesome killing sequences and even gore, of course I don't think any scene was going to out top the first sequence, but I was not expecting this at all. The thing about Catch the Fair One has though you may have issues in how Kaylee handles certain situations, it somehow gets justified later on, making her choice making actual sense on her behalf.

There are a couple flaws within Catch the Fair One. One involves a switch blade, which I won't spoil but from a logic standpoint... It was hard for me to get by just how it would be possible, to accomplish that. As far as the ending... I didn't like the finale sequence much at all. I felt the ending before would've been more fitting given the situation, but as it escalated back to that particular moment... Felt like a waste.

As far as the other elements in this film, I felt we're all fine as the story alone really kept itself fairly grounded.

Overall, Catch the Fair One was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out. -Mitch Smietana

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