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Cat in the Wall; Grade: C

We continue the Amazon SXSW collaboration festival, with The Cat in the Wall. Tells a story about a small Bulgarian family, owning an apartment home in East London. Irina (Irina Atanasova) works at bars and plans on becoming an architect. Vladimir (Angel Genov) is seeking for work, as the home also features Irina's son Jojo (Orlin Asenov). The small family encounters some financial trouble, including partaking in a apartment home project, where home owners have to chip in. A light in darkness comes for this small family, by a cat roaming around the complex. They decide to keep the cat and name it Golden. Witness a comedy yet features important themes as well.

The Cinematography t'was good, has a lot of unique charm to it, as you can tell it was made from the heart. The Score when presented... I wasn't feeling any of it. Just questionable music choices that didn't flow right with the film, I also didn't care for that DJ style song whatever that was. I'm kind of disappointed in the music, the UK is known to have some really groovy stuff, surely they could've found an underground artist somewhere. The cast all in all for a film of this nature: I'm impressed, one of the best qualities of the entire film. From the leads, to the supporting cast... They all brought their A-Game, as the cast should feel proud of what they brought to this film.

The Cat in the Wall as told earlier, you can tell this film was made from the heart, it feels like I'm being told a somewhat relatable life story only adding some fun with a cat. I thought the small families confrontation scenes, with the real owners of the cat to be absolutely entertaining. I feel like this family and those neighbors should've been the entire center piece of the film, I wanted more scenes like those in this film and learn more about those neighbors. As for the other neighbors they don't come close, majority of the scenes were honestly boring, including the little gathering Irina ran on her own. Sure they may have talked about some important issues, but after a flat out entertaining and funny scene with the other neighbors, you tend to ask yourself... Why go from highly energetic scene, to a very flat scene? I also felt the beginning of the film kept me engaged, it was a nice setup to be introduced to this family. Certainly the families involvement with the cat was very sweet, as you felt for the little boy in the end. I also felt the ending of this film ended just fine, maybe cut the night conversation with Irina and her son as it was a bit stretched out. My biggest flaw with this film is certainly the middle, aside the entertaining sequences, there is many drawn out scenes, where most of the time I was left bored. I felt it was trying too hard, especially introducing way too many characters. If the film was only centered around this family, the rude neighbors... Not only would it be much better, but they still could've gotten their point across as well. I feel the film makers Vesela Kazakova and Mina Mileva should still feel proud of themselves, for the film they made. It has some nice qualities, a solid cast, and some beloved moments. Although in the future sake: Keep it more grounded.

Overall, The Cat in the Wall was just respectfully ok. I would still give this a watch, it's a nice ninety minutes and it'll make your heart warm by the heart and passion from which the film makers put into this film. -Mitch Smietana

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