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Call Jane; Grade: B

Call Jane tells a story about a married woman named Joy (Elizabeth Banks), whom is bound is continue to live a happy lifestyle as a housewife bound to secure another child on the way. Unfortunately for Joy she passed out, which brings attention from her doctor that if she continues on with her pregnancy, that she can die during the process. During this time it was illegal to get an abortion, as Joy would have to turn her attention to the justice system to get approved of one as they all denied her request. So Joy had to take matters into her own hands and get an illegal abortion herself, which then leads her inspiration to get involved with an organization known as Call Jane, that helps women with this sort of matter.

Call Jane feels a straight by the numbers based on a true story tale, that delivers a good enough tale that’ll be a crowd pleaser.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story at hand except for the conclusion which I’ll get to in a minute. You have sympathy for a woman like Joy, whom is bound to go through the wonderful journey of motherhood from start to finish, to unfortunately having to go through an ordeal to where her own life is not promised if she continues on with the pregnancy. To me whether you’re pro-life or pro-abortin: I think we can all agree this is an acceptable reason to get an abortion… It’s not like this woman is doing it to benefit her own good, she’s doing it to save her own life.

Joy was pretty much against abortion as a whole, as she experience women just to get it to prevent a sense of responsibility, like the young woman whom has gotten multiple abortions simply by sleeping around with a bunch of guys. However through Joy’s experience with this organization… She simply learned to grow a bit more understanding and sympathetic for these women seeking out one. I mean there were women that were raped or didn’t have the financial security to afford one, so Joy wanted to make a difference and that she did. Felt like a useful story if one is against a subject matter, but doesn’t know much knowledge about it all… Then they should seek out to the source to learn more about it.

A massive flaw with this film is no doubt the conclusion of this film. Simply the film completely glossed over a great chunk of information, so you feel a bit robbed that you couldn’t experience nor learn about what exactly happened through those years that follow, which is disappointing.

Overall, Call Jane was a good film. I recommend checking this one out, I do believe Happening is the better film, but Call Jane is a more lighthearted film that is easier to watch on this subject matter. -Mitch Smietana

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