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C’Mon C’Mon; A24 and Joaquin Phoenix is a Match Made in Heaven. Grade: A-

C’Mon C’Mon tells a story about a radio journalist named Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix), whom interviews kids from state to state discussing about the future and personal topics. Johnny has a sister named Viv (Gaby Hoffman) whom has a son named Jesse (Woody Norman) whom is a very playful child with a wide imagination. Though Johnny and Viv haven’t seen each other in over a year since their mother died, Viv has some personal issues to take care mainly involving her past husband, so Viv requested Johnny to look after Jesse while she’s out taking care of him and getting situated in his own home. Johnny is quite eager to not only re-bond with his nephew, but is also eager to explore one’s young mind as he’s extremely passionate in developing personal relationships especially with children.

Though I wasn’t much of a fan of Mike Mills past film 20th Century Women, however I was extremely excited to see this film, considering the fact Joaquin Phoenix is making his A24 debut… A24 and Joaquin Phoenix involved in a film is a match made in Heaven. C’Mon C’Mon delivered my expectations and more, as I truly adored this film that truly spoken deeply into my mind, heart, and soul.

The Cinematography was beautifully shot in all black and white picture, as it truly connects the spirit of these Big cities that cater a lot of lost souls in them. Like the black and white picture does indeed match up the vibe with New York, Detroit, and New Orleans…. Cities in which are grand big cities, however there are many complications within all of them that truly affect many communities. You can also say the black and white choice matched up with most of the relationships in this film, sometimes the relationship hits it’s high and sometimes it certainly hits it’s low. Visually it’s stunning, there are so many memorable visual shots of the cities, buildings, streets… It was a beautiful looking film. The Score was also solid as well, truly mellows within the vibe of this film.

Joaquin Phoenix was yet again terrific in this film, I thought this was a perfect casting choice of a happy vulnerable soul whom is so eager to learn about the minds of the youth, however his soul can also be described as troubled trying to reconstruct the pieces that have been broken for quite some time since his mother past. Joaquin elevates this performance to where you feel happy yet feel sorry for this guy, as his intentions within his job is more about rebuilding himself rather than just doing the job for money and such.

Woody Norman was honestly fantastic as Jesse, this is perhaps of the most accurate performances’ I’ve seen in awhile portraying a character that has the mannerisms of this young child. It felt very real, I truly bought into the performance as it was extremely a matured display of acting as Woody does indeed have a bright future ahead of him. Woody and Joaquin have fantastic chemistry together, as watching them on screen was the most adorable thing I’ve seen all year round in cinema.

The story at hand was well written with strong dialogue moments that truly elevate and weaken the soul. This is a very personal like story that does tear some strings within our hearts, especially for those whom have a strong connection with a family member other than our parents, as in my young childhood I can relate with my Uncle as well as we had a awesome bond back in the day. When you give a child freedom to express themselves without judgment, you can really create a beautiful thing as you can see how pure minded a child truly has and it honestly betters ourselves as adults… The school boards, politicians, and media need to stay far far far away from children, stop wrecking their gentleness and kindness and let them continue to be pure without any unneeded distractions.

C’mon C’mon felt more than a standard film with a storyline, it truly felt more as an experience. You get to experience much of the little things in life such as the cities, businesses, streets, and even people as there is a connection within every single thing, sometimes we need to open our minds wide as can be like a child’s imagination. As said earlier: The whole Johnny rebuilding himself not only with his profession, but more so with Jesse was a emotionally riveting thing to watch. The way this character develops over the course of time was truly a beautiful thing to watch, you felt he truly re-established himself as he feels more of a complete man that completely healed himself spiritually. The film is a great experience all around, you laugh, you cry, and you most certainly feel joy within what you’re watching as by the end of it, you’re most likely going to call a relative or a friend you haven’t spoken with in years.

Overall, C’Mon C’Mon was a fantastic film and my favorite of the year so far. I highly recommend this film, it’s awesome! -Mitch Smietana

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