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Brittany Runs a Marathon An Inspiring, Moving, and Funny Film Grade: B+

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Brittany Runs a Marathon is based on a true story, about a woman named Brittany (Jillian Bell). As far as life goes, Brittany feels lost. She's barely making money, her roommate feeds her toxic energy, worst of all she's dealing with some major health issues. You can say she's obese, as she needs to start making healthy changes. Brittany starts by applying to a local gym, which cost three digits a month.... Brittany wasn't too fond of that, so she runs outside daily instead. She gets invited to a runners group, before you know it Brittany wants to train for a marathon, while achieving her final weight goal as well. A major issue I did have with this film is the Cinematography, mainly towards the up close shots. Majority of the close up shots were headache inducing, you can barely make out of anything going on regarding those shots. There is also one shot, where Brittany is working on her dating profile as the text on the screen didn't quite fit the entire frame. The Score was fine. I thought the cast all in all did a good job. Brittany played by Jillian Bell had a pretty good performance, delivered this character’s sarcastic goofy humor and nailed her emotional moments. Brittany is a well written character, in which many in her position could relate to, as far as being stunk in life not knowing where is your next destination going to be, and making changes for the better. Change is hard at times, especially putting in the time, work, effort in being truly dedicated to becoming a better version of yourself. The film does a good job dealing with peer pressure and temptations with this character, where it can be reasonably relatable to some. Some will feel inspired after watching a character like Brittany, to which they'll go forward making some major changes as well. Brittany was a likable character, not only had a cool personality, but also was very inspiring. Her runner friends Terrence and Catherine played by Dan Bittner and Michaela Watkins both played good performances. Catherine was a solid representation, that though her life out in public looked picture perfect, that it's really not as she deals with problems just like everyone else. No ones life is perfect, with 0 problems, everyone has issues they have to deal with and I thought how Catherine was handled was done properly. A couple other performances I did enjoy were Lil Rel Howery and Utkarsh Ambudkar, both were funny yet charming as well. I do have a couple other issues with the film. When the film goes from season to season... It never feels like it went from season to season. I lived in New York for a short period of time, the way the film is shot during the winter season is not even close to being accurate to winter in New York. It's freezing cold, snow is covered everywhere, we don't even see one drop of snow or characters properly wearing the winter clothes they need for this season. I promise you can’t survive winter in New York, only wearing a sweater and jogging pants. I guess the film maker behind this film didn't want to shoot the film in the winter, due to not having a proper budget which I understand... But at least make the setting feel like I'm seeing New York in the winter. I didn't care for Brittany getting mad at her friends for wanting to help her out, thought it was extremely shallow. I must say I was impressed by this film: I really liked Brittany Runs a Marathon. The film has an inspirational story to tell, where it doesn't feel over the top as it stays true to detail. Even when Brittany is handling struggling situations, it all feels natural where one can say "Ah, that has happened to me before." The film can be used for inspirational purposes, but can be used for several lessons as well. One being get rid of anyone and anything toxic, to where they can slow you down to your full potential. Brittany's roommate being a great example, though they've been friends for a long time, she didn't offer Brittany nothing but a good time, while feeding her negative energy as she was completely insecure about herself. It's ok to feel insecure sometimes, but if you're not trying to improve yourself as your just dragging others down along with you, what is the point in keeping someone in your life with someone like her?! I've had a few friends like her, it really kills your spirit as you're trying to make them see the light, but it's exhausting to make people like that come down to earth. Another being to staying consistent to your goals, but to also keeping them reasonable small goals. It's awesome to have goals, especially big goals... But you can't conquer big goals in a small period of time. You should always pace yourself reasonably, so little by little you can achieve the person you want to be, the film does give great advice for those wanting to set and achieve on the goals they set for themselves. Watching Brittany grow to the person she wants to be was very touching. Not only was she improving on her health, her well being, but she was also growing as a person as well. When she succeeds we cheer, when she hits a bump on the road, we're there with a shoulder for her cry on. The film does a well job making us care about our main character. The film is also funny as well, solid written jokes while also Jillian making this character's personality funny to watch. Overall, Brittany Runs a Marathon is a pretty good film. I recommend this film, you'll feel moved, inspired, as you'll also laugh a little along the way. -Mitch Smietana

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