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Brian and Charles; A Goofy Feel Good Comedy Fun for the Whole Family. Grade: B+

Brian and Charles tells a story about a man named Brian (David Earl) who is an inventor. Brian loves inventing things, as it keeps his mind occupied from the thought of feeling lonely. Brian to fill the void of loneliness: He Builds a Robot from scraps. The Robot at first doesn’t work at all, which made Brian totally defeated. However on one stormy night… THE ROBOT IS ALIVE. Brian and the robot get acquainted, as Brian later names the robot Charles (Chris Hayward). Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful friendship between man and robot.

Brian and Charles was on their last theatrical leg in theaters nearby my house, so I figured I should go ahead and see it. From the poster I assumed it was going to be a story about a lonely man, whom finds emotional comfort within a non living object. I assume this was going to be similar to the likes of Lars and The Real Girl, considering the fact the strange squared object with Brian looked like a dummy of some kind, which a dummy was also featured in Lars and the Real Girl.

So you can clearly tell those whom were behind Brian and Charles, are actually extremely passionate about the project. Brian and Charles was originally a short film created by the leading cast involved in this film, whom written this film as well, so Brian and Charles is literally their baby, their pride and joy as they were given a chance to make a feature length film. I find that so adorable and wholesome, as this was film was an extremely enjoyable experience.

Brian and Charles is a goofy odd ball comedy film, featuring an unlikely companionship between man and robot. The comedy material was extremely satisfying, as the humor caters to not only adults but it also is perfectly suitable for children. The comedy so freaking goofy and adorable, it does put me back to a special place in my heart as it reminds me of Wallace and Gromit. Just the way Brian presents himself as a lonely inventor, whom gets all jolly about his buddy Charles… It’s hilarious and wholesome at the same time. You can already tell within the first few minutes of the film, as we’re introduced to Brian in this mockumentary style of film… We are certainly in for a treat, the humor in this was lovely as there are multiple laugh out moments.

The story at hand is a bit silly, but it’s genuine playful silly that makes your spirit feel good. Just watching this friendship developed felt like a father/son like as time went on. You see Charles simply trying to dip away from Brian, as he would like to see the world for himself, as Brian simply won’t allow it due to Charles’ own safety and a little bit of him wanting to secure the void of loneliness. I feel their friendship really benefited both sides well as Charles not only became his own person, but Brian also gotten the absolute courage in which to not only to defend himself from bullies, but also earn a lovely companion with another human being as well.

The presentation of this film was pretty nice. I really enjoyed how this film was shot, as it highlights the beauty of this land that feels more suitable to those whom want or have no choice but to isolate themselves from the world. I like the whole mockumentary style of filmmaking: It compliments the goofiness of this story extremely well.

I thought David Earl and Chris Hayward had outstanding performances and outstanding chemistry as well, as this friendship was thoroughly enjoyable every single time they were together on screen or one was on screen especially. I really enjoyed Chris Hayward’s ability to act as a robot, purely gifted being whom accurately portrayed a robot’s sound and movements perfectly.

A couple minor flaws. A little dragging here and there. I also felt Brian allowing a bully to just take Charles away and not have the decency to fight back at first, was a bit disappointing. Like I understand Brian is a very vulnerable kind gentle soul, but at this pivotal moment you NEED to be a man and help Charles out at this moment at least. I will say when Brian invented Charles his intention was to make him out to be an extremely strong being, yet there’s not a single moment where it shows him to be strong at any moment where he can protect himself. Surely they could’ve at least made Charles harshly shove people with his washing machine body as he bumps into someone with strong force, it just felt like a forgotten detail of the movie.

Overall, Brian and Charles was a pretty good delightful comedy film. I highly recommend checking this one out, very good for the soul. -Mitch Smietana

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