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Brahms: The Boy 2; Mental Mental Mental. Grade: D

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Brahms: The Boy 2 is a sequel to The Boy. Jude (Christopher Convery) had a traumatizing experience with a burglar, as it made him never speak again since that incident. So the family moves to a new home, where a fresh new beginning is upon Jude and his family! Jude one day is walking in the woods as he found a doll lying underneath the ground. Jude really likes this doll and he even names it Brahms... But Jude didn't come up with the name, the doll told him that was his name. Now Jude will discover that Brahms the doll is not so nice, that he's actually E V I L!!!!

I think everyone is stunned I actually watch this film, I mean the title itself... $2 dollar bin quality at a rental store perhaps?! So The Boy wasn't a good horror film, nor was it bad... It was just typical crap. I almost gave it a C, but since it had a terrible twist at the end, which doesn't make any sense... It just couldn't hold onto that acceptable C grading. I really don't understand how this film got a sequel or what human being requested this... BUT HERE WE ARE FOLKS!

I do have a few positives to give. The setup in the beginning was actually a decent start. Jude and his mom go through a tragic moment, which scarred him badly gives the story a promising setup. Like of course if any young child goes through what Jude goes through, I can see their mental state not being up to par. I felt the acting was actually impressive, for a film of this uncaring nature. Whenever Christopher Convery talked his performance died down, but at least he didn't give a bad performance like most of these child actors in a cheap pointless horror film like this one. One more thing: Jude getting bullied scene... That was hilarious. A pivotal moment in the story, but I honestly couldn't take it seriously as I bursted out laughing my ass off... Thank you Brahms, thank you.

Brahms: The Boy 2 is just pointless, but honestly it does really nothing well other than the first two compliments I gave it. As a sequel it betrays everything the first film did. The doll is now alive?! One can justify that Brahms' spirit is now latch on to the doll after his death, but even so it just doesn't make any sense due to the first film and how all the events it occurred. Why not just do a Jason Rip Off and just have Brahms the human being still be alive?! Sure it would be stupid, but this is a stupid pointless sequel, but at least you're not betraying the first film. I found the horror elements rather annoying. A bunch of loud noises, mixed with jump scare over the top creepy visual nonsense. It's the same problem I have with Annabelle: It's not cinema, it's just complete boring nonsense. The story itself is bland other than the opening. Unless you're making fun of how the characters say Brahms, you're likely going to fall asleep while watching this film. Can we talk about that ending?! How lame was that twist?! It provided absolutely nothing remorseful or purposeful towards the story, so why have it?! I don't understand these new creepy doll movies. I mean at least with the Child's Play franchise, they actually provide a entertaining talking doll that'll actually do something fun. But with movies like Annabelle and The Boy, where the dolls sit and do nothing... How am I suppose to have a good time, watching this?! OH GOD THE DOLL TURNED IT'S HEAD!!! HOW CREEPY!!! What am I two?!

Overall, Brahms: The Boy 2 was bad. I don't recommend this film, just watch Child's Play 2 instead, now that's a fun little movie. -Mitch Smietana

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