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Boys State; The Best Compliment A Documentary Can Receive is Called an Experience. Grade: B+

Life is handing us quite a few blessings regarding the topic of cinema at hand, as our first blessing comes with a new A24 film! Boys State is a documentary film that takes place in Texas, involving an event known as Boys State. Boys State gathers a thousand teenage boys whom are extremely into politics, as they build their own political parties, mock elections, and mock governments. Witness a crafty documentary, in which features bright kids/politicians of the future, as we also come to learn some inspiring stories along the way.

It’s been quite awhile since A24 dropped a documentary film, so of course I was extremely interested what will come towards the return of this particular genre in the A24 family. I think it’s safe to say to wrap up the best looking documentary film, because visually this film is GORGEOUS. A lot of money went into this project so you can clearly tell that every single penny spent, was surely earned as visually this doesn’t look like a documentary at all, other than cutting away to the boys speaking alone looking clearly at the camera. Other than that visually this film looked absolutely timeless, it was like I was actually watching a real movie as at times I forget that I was watching a documentary. It’s extremely rare to receive that feeling out of a documentary, although I believe it’s due to the impact of Tower, which in my opinion changed the way we view documentary films today. With NeonRated documentary films doing a fantastic job and Boys State... We surely are in good hands, as documentaries continue to explore new refreshing ways to present to audiences.

When it comes to substance at hand... I really enjoyed what I watched. As one whom is not much interested in politics and such, this film does a really good job in making one interested in what partakes in Boys State. The personal figures at hand were honestly almost all interesting, as I was truly engaged in the kids themselves as they express a deer passion in politics. Some of these kids delivered in the emotional field, where you feel not only heavily inspired by their passion and their personal lives, but just how they have pride in the country itself and what they believe in. It was honestly refreshing to see young individuals showing their deer love for this country, as they’re truly grateful towards for what the country has brought to their lives, as well as honoring the American Dream. The thing that comes impactful is the way the kids express the fact, America is simply the one country that offers an opportunity to become whom you want to be, just by hard work and dedication. I genuinely respect these kids, I wish more people especially grown adults acted like these kids.

America is a flawed country like everything is, however I feel entirely disrespecting this country is kind of blasphemous. The amount of blessings we have in this country is out of this world compared to other countries, I mean this country is one of kind man. I used to be ignorant when I was younger about this country, which happens when you’re young. My perspective changed when my friend Josh Malech not only express his feelings towards my views, but showing me his deer beloved passion for the country itself. We really take this country for granted at times, when you actually see the bigger picture, it truly is a great country. May not be the biggest fan but I can honestly respect the amount of opportunities and blessings this country has to offer.

The journey in which we follow these kids during this mock government process, was honestly really cool. What’s really interesting, is how things quickly change over the course of time. There is still a great amount of mutual respect between the kids and the parties, but when it came down towards the final election... Things change drastically. Emotions riled up, parties strategize as trying to making the chair or the party itself look bad. It’s amazing just how people change when competition comes into play, it seems like people tend to become more aggressive when it comes to competition, as the idea of winning is everything no matter if it’s suppose to be make believe or reality.

It’s weird though this whole journey is just make believe, you still however feel a great amount of emotions. You sometimes feel excitement, but sometimes you can sense becoming emotional as the way these boys express their own personal story, their views, their speeches and the outcome in the elections does match up to how they feel. I mean sheesh I almost teared up a couple times and this isn’t a real thing, that’s awesome!

One major takeaway one should seriously gain from watching this film, is how there is a mutual respect regarding others point of view. None of the boys attacked each other regarding their differences towards their point of views, as instead they not only respect each other, but are willing to work together to create solutions towards the topics at hand. That’s really how life is suppose to look like, regarding people handling differences in views and opinions. May not always agree with one another, but surely don’t have to act like a bunch of wild animals when dealing with differences... This is why the world is the way it is, start acting like human beings again, just like these boys are.

This documentary is what you call an Experience, which is rarely said now a days. It’s an extremely well crafted documentary, that felt genuine, impactful, and it’s an extremely delightful watch from start to finish. Also admire the clever tricks as the film makes you understand, a much clear view just how politicians operate in a speech, debate, and election. I surely believe this is going to be nominated for Best Documentary Film this upcoming awards season.

Overall, Boys State is a great documentary film. I highly recommend checking this one out, can be found on Apple Plus. A few things I want to say before wrapping up. Yo where’s the A24 logo at?? So disappointed that beautiful logo wasn’t shown in this film, what gives man?! EXTREMELY EXCITED new 2020 releases will touch down in reopening of Regal Cinemas and AMC Theaters this next upcoming weekend. Looking forward to a few new releases, including Unhinged and Words on Bathroom Walls. Cinemark has reopened theaters this weekend, as I believe movie goers have done a fine job in supporting, including the Private Watch Party promotion, selling out like hot cakes. I’ll return to my local Cinemark in a couple days, been fairly busy.

Lastly would like to send my love, prayers, and condolences to the Chong family. Austin Chong gave many of my friends a great amount of happiness and memories they’ll cherish for a life time, as I’m extremely grateful towards his impact he’s made on my friends and those around him. Rest in Heavenly Peace Austin, we’ll all certainly miss you, may God Bless your beautiful soul. -Mitch Smietana

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