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Boss Baby: Family Business; A Film That Takes Down Division and The School Boards. Grade: C

Boss Baby: Family Business: A Kids Animation Film in which felt perfect timing to today's society.

Dating back to fall of 2020 and surprisingly enough early 2021, we were exposed to an alarming level of immaturity from schools across the country. Don't get me wrong: Not all schools acted in immaturity, in fact Florida as a whole did a pretty consistent job... But as my good friend Aldo would say, "Florida doesn't count bro, that's a whole different country." From the likes of teachers, principals, and of course who can forget the school board and administrations... They were exposed, causing a great amount of harm to a child's education and most certainly their Mental Health, which is nothing new considering my Mental Health issues was disregarded by teachers and staff as well. Whether it be refusing to open the schools themselves causing kids almost a good year of their education and parents immensely struggling, verbally assaulting kids in terms of what they look like or how they think, smacking a kid because they were unable to correctly wear a mask (This happened), and who can forget experiencing an entire California school board laughing at the expense of parents' pain for their kids not being in school... Schools have certainly not received the best reputation and lost a great amount of respect including myself. I used to vouched for teachers to get better pay for years, but because of what they did to families and more importantly the kids… No longer will I support them.

When watching the antagonist Dr. Armstrong (Jeff Goldblum), it almost felt completely relevant to what has happened in schools of America in Fall 2020 and early 2021. Compare and contrast Dr. Armstrong and the mentality of these teachers, principals, and the school board.... Notice how they're exactly alike. Dr. Armstrong is a power hungry greedy baby, who wants division, destruction, and wants to control your own children on the way they think and such. That's exactly how those involved with the schools exactly behaved, only they're grown people, but like Dr. Armstrong as a baby, mentally they're nothing but immature rotten babies... Well played Boss Baby: Family Business.

A powerful moment in this film that caught my eye especially, was the winter concert ball song. We have Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt), Tim's (James Marsden) and niece of Uncle Ted/The Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin). Tabitha is extremely nervous to sing this song, because she's afraid of screwing up in front of her friends and the audience. Thanks to her father whom appears as a young kid, he was able to help encourage Tabitha to get in a zone, in which she can overcome adversity in her way of singing at the winter concert ball. For Tabitha she would have to learned to leave her fear and doubt at the door, as she must have the confidence and courage to sing no matter what people might think or say. Tabitha sings the song, lyrics that are sung "Divide will fall, as we'll stand together!"

In that rare moment, tears came flowing down my face... Boss Baby: Family Business put the nail in the coffin. Boss Baby: Family Business is speaking up for the common being, who is often silent in situations like this. I mean how obvious can it get?! Tabitha is not afraid of singing because of her voice, she's afraid of singing the truth that everyone needs to hear. We as a society are so hesitant to say how we feel because we know we may endure harsh judgement as a result, due to our divided world, so we're kept silent. In a world that's suppose to be all about togetherness and equality... Everyone and everywhere should be a free space to speak out. How else are we going to become better as a nation, if we continue to be divided, knowing division does no good for anyone?! So when Tabitha sang right then and there with that beautiful song... That child is a clear representation, of all the little people whom are fed up being divided and separated. Like Tabitha: Say how you feel, sing it loud and proud! You know you messed up, when Boss Baby: Family Business is out here letting the audience know that they're fed up too! WOW POWERFUL!

Been awhile since I made an over the top deep review... I'm not sure what gives me the inspiration, I guess mediocrity?! But in all fairness: Boss Baby: Family Business a tolerable sequel. The animation is gorgeous in many sequences, filled with fun and most certainly imagination as the film wants the viewer especially grown ups to never loosen your imagination. I actually liked the whole repairing the brotherly bond between Ted and Tim, thought it was kind of sweet and fairly developed. I felt the antagonist was improved from the previous film, don't say this often but Jeff Goldblum's voice acting really made this character way more fun than it should be.

For me the biggest flaw within Boss Baby: Family Business is excessiveness. There are many moments in which felt a bit too pandering to small children, like it was taking me out of the experience as a whole, as many sequences were just a bit too much for me to take in. I don't liked the new character Tina (Amy Sedaris) I thought she was annoying, plus partakes in the excessiveness especially the finale with that baby talk device that can be translated over the headset. Is anyone disturbed by Tim and Ted's parents, having an app in which you can swipe through random children?! Like early on I'm watching the parents scroll through random children, as they go "Not cute, not cute, oh hey she's cute!"... Like what? I think later on they tried to make the audience forget, as it turns out Dr. Armstrong installed that app in everyones phone, as I guess it's an app in which you can show off your kids, it was design like snapchat in a way. I got no comment on that flaw, you got to talk with the creators and writers of whomever came up with that could’ve been developed in a non confusing creepy way, super weird.

Boss Baby: Family Business is more for small children, I think small children will have a lot of fun with this, meanwhile parents can at least admire some qualities within this children's film.

Overall, Boss Baby: Family Business was just ok. I would prefer a rental for this one, not a bad watch I will say. Thank you Boss Baby: Family Business for bringing out the joy of making an over the top deep review, I was having a rough few days and you made it a bit better. -Mitch Smietana

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