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BookSmart It’s the Funniest Film I’ve Seen in the Last Few Years Grade: B+

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Source: IMDB

Booksmart takes place on the last day of senior year in high school, where it features two best friends Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Gigi (Billie Lourd). They are attached at the hip friendship wise and strictly within the books. Gigi comes across the harsh reality, that those that come across as complete morons whom’s only concern is having sex, doing drugs, and just having fun in general, are also going to great colleges as well. Even despite their lack of effort put into the books area, it has come clear to Gigi she spent more time working hard in school, than actually having a life outside of school. So Gigi wants to party, before she and her best friend Amy go away for college. The Cinematography in this film was great, a simply gorgeous looking film with great set pieces that are colorful and authentic looking, it’s got a nice style. I gotta give credit to some camera work, in scenes that consistently move in one take... A well done job indeed. I loved the Score, more towards the great soundtrack selections, not only were they fun and refreshing, but at times it gave me goosebumps hearing the music. Let’s get this out of the way: This is the best ensemble cast of the year so far, everyone was delightful to watch. I loved Kaitlyn Dever and Billie Lourd, they were fantastic together, outstanding chemistry and delivering terrific laughs from start to finish. Both are great characters as well. Amy is a dorky somewhat shy school girl, whom does has no desire to party and has a small crush on a girl at school. Somehow she feels afraid to go against her best friend Gigi, because she doesn’t want to disappoint her best friend, considering the fact she felt like she missed a big portion of her life due to being strictly to school. It’s a well written relatable character, I also felt they did a great job with her being a lesbian teenager well. Gigi is yet another dorky school girl, whom feels disappointed due to being strictly only on the books instead of having a life. This character is a nice lesson, that even though you do the right things and get into the best colleges, you’re no better than anyone else. Great character, extremely hilarious as well. It’s hard for me to go one by one on everyone’s performance, because everyone did a solid job, like literally every cast member should pat themselves on the back, I have no flaws to give towards anyone’s performance. So I have a few flaws, however one flaw could be changed later on so who knows. So Gigi and Amy having their cliche argument moment in the third act, which I’m ok with this scene taken place. There are kids at this party... Recording the argument on their phone, I don’t understand why anyone would record girls just arguing at a party, it’s kind of stupid to me. Like I can see if violence was occurring, but these are nerdy school girls just arguing, why do you need to record this? So one other flaw I have could be changed later and that is: There’s a scene in the bathroom, where Amy goes to the bathroom after something sad happening to her. There’s another girl in the bathroom, the film acts like we are suppose to know this character, by the way this girl treats Amy. Maybe in the beginning this character was introduced in Amy’s classroom, if so on second viewing my apologies on this flaw taken place in the future. As I let this film sit with me for awhile, I do say although I find this better than SuperBad... Both films seem to have similar structure, as far as scene for scene goes. Not necessarily a terrible thing, like I said I prefer this over SuperBad, it’s just it lacks originality due to the fact it does look very similar to Superbad. So I typically love these high school comedy films, whether it be Lady Bird or Ghost Town to give an example of a couple. I absolutely loved this film. Let’s all give the credit towards those whom wrote the comedy material in this film, it’s one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a long time. I laughed from beginning to end, it’s consistently great in the comedy material range. At moments I slapped the theater seat next to me, because this film is so freaking hilarious. It accurately captures the goofiness of teenagers perfectly, not in a way where they annoy you with lousy social media jokes like other films do now a days, it’s the way their personalities are shown on screen that makes it great. It’s a simply told story done very well, sure it’s filled with a few cliches but they are done well. Especially towards the “Unexpectedly experiencing a drug for the first time” cliche, I thought for sure this scene was going to be bad... Somehow this scene was so hilarious, I enjoyed the animation and the jokes behind this cliche scene so much. This film makes you forgive the few cliches, because they are done well enough where it turns your mind off, as you’re either enjoying the humor or you actually care about what’s in front of you. Every character was great in this film, all well written and mostly fleshed out for the most part. Not only is this film hilarious, but it does make you care in dramatic moments, thanks to well written characters. I can somewhat relate to Amy and Gigi, towards my best friend Mihran. Sure we are a couple of film dorks, but hell when given a chance we are the life of the party, this film captures that side very well with these great characters. Overall, BookSmart is a great comedy film, best film of the summer so far and may keep that title for awhile, I’m so looking forward to seeing this again. I highly recommend this film, please support great comedy films, films like this need to be made more often! Well done Olivia Wilde, you truly delivered an great debut, as I hope we can have another gem like this one in the future! -Mitch Smietana

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