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Bombshell Story Gets the Job Done, But Could’ve Used More Help From Others Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Bombshell takes place at Fox News around late 2015 to early 2016, one of the most popular television news station in America. Big things are changing around Fox News and it all starts with the head of Fox News Roger Ailes (John Lithgow), as his days of taking advantage of women are coming to an end. Courageous women will come together and take down one of the most powerful figures in television. The Cinematography was honestly ok, not many shots in this film really impressed me much at all, felt like a basic big studio looking film. The Score of this film yet again forgettable, I actually don’t recall much of the music other than that one song, of women going “Huh Ha Huh Ha”... Like the one in the teaser trailer, that’s really all I can remember. The cast of this film was good but not great. Charlize Theron playing Megyn Kelly is hard for me to judge quite honestly. At times I felt she pulled off her Megyn Kelly impression well, I rewatched old clips of Megyn Kelly and they both sounded very similar. On another hand when I just heard a recent Megyn Kelly interview... They don’t sound the same. Maybe Charlize Theron saw that one GOP debate and thought that was the way she spoke 24/7?! Because when Megyn talks in narration in this film, it sounds completely awkward. I found whomever did the makeup for Charlize Theron’s transformation into becoming Megyn Kelly to be quite outstanding, like when I first saw her in the teaser trailer I had no idea it Theron, so possibly Best Makeup Oscar contender? Nicole Kidman playing Gretchen Carlson was pretty good, I felt the character was probably the most likable from the few. Gretchen basically started the movement on taking down that monster Ailes, but she did it in the most professional way possible, the way she strategize her plan was impressive. Ailes had no idea what was coming for him, as Carlson just knew how to play the game and complete her objective without really not much trouble at all, couple bumps here and there but she did it man! Margot Robbie playing Kayla I found to be good, but as far as this character I found her just uninteresting. I guess this character was for the audience to show how Ailes lures the women employees at Fox News in his office and why women would feel motivated to be violated by this man. As far as substance: I really got nothing out of this character, in fact I was quite bored watching this character as I can see why this film offered no narration for this character either. John Lithgow played a pretty good performance as this monster, may not be as good as Russell Crowe did in his Ailes role in that limited series on ShowTime, but he was still pretty good. I do have flaws for Bombshell. Some of the editing choices, including some camera zooms felt very distracting. This film is trying to take the The Big Short approach as it just comes out awkward. Speaking of The Big Short: I honestly hated this films attempt at narration and whenever the actors broke the fourth wall, by speaking to the camera. The narration never worked because it was never consistent, it comes and goes whenever it pleases. The film tries to attempt comedy and it’s honestly cringeworthy. Like the scene where the men say fake news and another scene, where a woman says “Is Sushi Liberal Food”.... This film is taking on a serious approach on a serious topic, why the hell is there comedic bits on whether an employee can or can not eat Sushi, based on what political side she’s on?! It’s nonsense. Bombshell was good but not great, as I believed this film is saved by it’s script. It may not be the best script ever written, but it’s simply a solid story on a serious yet disturbing time by a once beloved television news station. It really made me sick hearing what this monster did to these women, in order for them rank higher in their jobs. Shouldn’t we promote employees because they work harder and do their job better than anyone else, rather than grant them a promotion by doing a sick minded favor?! It’s sickening. I enjoyed the little message this film had at the very end, simply told but a powerful and well earned message to give to the audience. I feel this film will keep people invested in the story and hopefully learn some valuable lessons, on how to treat others better. Overall, Bombshell is a solid film. I recommend this film, definitely worth the time. -Mitch Smietana

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