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Bodies Bodies Bodies; Grade: B-

Bodies Bodies Bodies tells a story about a couple named Sophie (Amanda Stenberg) and Bee (Maria Bakalova), whom is heading over to a mansion to attend a Hurricane Party with Sophie’s rich pals. As everyone is having a grand time drinking and doing drugs, Sophie comes up with a suggestion that they should all play a game called Bodies Bodies Bodies. It’s a game in which someone carries around an X in their pocket, as the X represents that they are the killer, as each turn the killer kills a person by tapping them from behind as they lay down pretending to be dead, as each player tries to figure out who’s the killer. As the game gotten out of hand by a series of arguments… It turns out one of their friends was found dead outside, as someone slit their throat. 

The main strength of this film has to be the assembled cast… Not only is it the best assembled cast in this year of horror cinema, but it’s up there for the best assembled cast of cinema of this year. Almost everyone was honestly excellent in their performances, they truly helped elevate this simple who dun it premise as they made it transform into a show. The only actor I would say wasn’t excellent was Pete Davidson as I felt he did his same ole Pete Davidson shtick, however I felt it was justified as a solid performance since he was on par with his role, plus he delivered a few quality laughs.

The story at hand was a simple cool little premise, that not only is a fairly executed unique who dun it film, but can also be described a fairly executed satire regarding Gen Z as described by Chris Stuckmann. I feel the who dun it aspect of the story was done differently than most who dun it’s, simply because the way it’s structured does follow the usual format. You’ll understand once you watch the film, you can even say it’s an effective Don’t Do Drugs advisory as what dangers can happen once someone does drugs I will say that.

The satire did indeed flew over my head, as when partaking Chris Stuckmann’s review I did understand how the film does indeed take on Gen Z and they’re terrible traits at hand. As always when it comes to the art form of Effective Communication… It’s an art form in which really isn’t used now a days, as we go by the negligence of assumption, as within assumption now a days Gen Z takes assumption down to the grave in the most cruel way possible. That’s why we see more confrontations than actual solutions now a days… Nobody knows how to effectively communicate, as their behavior really is making things a lot worse. The film may not done an extremely great job within the satire, but it’s worth noticing and acknowledging it.

I felt the characters at hand were honestly the weakest part of this entire film. It’s not that there isn’t a likable character in this film, however I felt the lack of development within every character is pretty bothersome. There’s not enough depth in which you understand the characters more clearly, especially with all the confrontations these girls have with each other as friends especially, as it’s told in very little bits.

The entertainment value in terms of the horror aspect felt a bit generic and weak. Like it’s a cool little premise at hand, but it doesn’t go into measures where the viewer is struck by at all. Not really much shock value or sequences that really gets the viewer going. Some characters decision making was pretty absurd, I understand the state they’re in however they can’t all be that damn stupid, to where it’s too unconvincing to believe.

Overall, Bodies Bodies Bodies was a fairly decent film. I recommend checking this one out, I will say this is a nice date movie to go to, which I normally don’t say for A24 films unless that girl is a film geek like myself. -Mitch Smietana

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