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Bo Burnham: Inside; Grade: B+

What does one make of Bo Burnham: Inside?! Is it a comedy special? Is it a concert/music film? Is it even considered a feature film? From my own perspective since Bo Burnham: Inside was released limited theatrically... I'm going to consider this a full length feature concert/music film, so I can certainly review it.

Was fortunate enough to have my first time watching Bo Burnham: Inside in a theatrical setting. Though financial speaking it doesn't make much sense since I can literally be at the comfort of my own home, watching this free on my Netflix account. But considering the fact I have enjoyed Bo Burnham's first feature film Eighth Grade a lot, as well as I enjoy his standup comedic specials, I felt an experience was needed, even if it meant driving half an hour to see it at my nearest theater… Films are just better watched for the experience, than it is to just watch at home.

Bo Burnham: Inside basically was heavily inspired by last years pain in the ass, as he recorded his own music and filmed his entire sequences in his own home for a long period of time. Music was heavily inspired by what goes through the mind being in the house for too long, poking fun at serious topics, and how comedy can help heal even if there is no sign of joking on matters.

Bo Burnham: Inside is quite a unique experience in terms of film making, style, substance, and most certainly the music. Bo Burnham can appear as an absolute weirdo in many sequences, especially where there are musical moments where he's half naked, featured with long hair and a long beard. But with regards towards the theme of this project: It fits perfectly. There have been many people during this time period whom were terrified of going outside, extremely depressed to do just about anything including simple everyday grooming, and how one can feel they're becoming more and more insane... Bo Burnham captures that perfectly in the most absurd and depressing way possible.

A lot of the shots in this film looked pretty impressive, especially when it's just a one man show. Shots in which can capture some extremely fun sequences including those parody reaction videos, a parody of a video game streamer, and especially the color pallet truly pops in many sequences as well.

The music of this film done by Bo Burnham was great. Not only were the songs hilarious, fun, catchy, but also were well written to the point where it excelled on exposing the dark truth of this subject matter or the topics in which Bo is singing about. It's definitely a great collection of songs that'll have you coming back for more once you're finished, especially White Woman’s Instagram, 30, Facetime with my Mom (Tonight), and of course All Eyes on Me.

Bo Burnham does an impressive job in regards to how he writes material in not only just a song form, but in a narrative speaking. Like the many topics in which Bo tries to take on whether it be in a jokingly fashion or even briefly in a serious fashion was so spot on and even more so genuinely deep. Especially when Bo explains just how the internet is tainting society as we know it, increasingly human beings decline in social skills and even influencing a disorder in beings that'll be hard to over come.

If I would have to pin point issues within this film, a couple sequences weren't that funny, some songs over stayed their welcome, and some dragging here and there.

For a film centered around a time period of quarantine and 2020 as a whole: It'll be a challenge to over come one that excels on a unique entertaining matter such as this one.

Overall, Bo Burnham: Inside was a pretty good film. I highly recommend checking this one out, if it's playing in a theater near you it's a must see or if not playing in a theater check it out on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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