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Blinded by the Light The Best Feel Good Movie of the Year is Here! Grade: A-

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Blinded by the Light is about a college kid Javed (Viveik Kalra) who wants to be a writer. His father Malik (Kulvinder Ghir) is an extremely strict ole fashioned Muslim family values man. It’s hard for Javed to have courage to stand up to his father, as he wants to tell him how he feels and what his goals are, but all his father cares about is him making a great living. One night Javed was feeling depressed and lost, as he decided to throw his old poems out into the wind. During the same night, he discovered his brand new passion in life: Bruce Springsteen music. He put in one of his cassette tapes in, as he got lost in the music, as it transformed Javed into a whole new person. He starts to understand life more clearer, as he intends to go forward with his dream of becoming an acclaimed writer thanks to Bruce Springsteen music. The Cinematography was lovely, these films set in London always have some charm to em, it’s an adorable looking film. The Score when presented was cool, but all eyes were on the soundtrack inspired by Bruce Springsteen classics and other well acclaimed music back in the 70’s-80’s... I freaking loved it, it was a special treat hearing this in a Dolby theater. The soundtrack has not only introduced me to Bruce Springsteen music, but it does introduce to me to beloved classics that I really enjoy as I will listen to it back at home. The cast of this film was great, I have no complaints. I believe the cast knew what they were getting into, as each and every cast member really got into their roles, displaying fun playful performances that make you smile and laugh. Viveik Kalra playing Javed was great, I really enjoyed his performance as I also LOVED this character. What makes Javed a special character, is that some of us can relate to someone like him. Feeling lost, hopeless with our lives, as we try and find an escape or some sort of resource that’ll guide us some life and inspiration. I do relate with this character having a weird obsession with a recording artist, but like him and me people just don’t understand the power of what someone’s lyricism can do for a person. Sure we maybe both strange about it, I cringe sometimes during those days... But it’s a good strange cause it brought us the light in life, isn’t that what musicians hope to strive for in their music?! Not only to create art, but have that art be someone’s inspiration to be better and go after what they desire?! Kulvinder Ghir playing Javed’s father was great, though he seemed like a dick majority of the film, when having a kid you hope they strive to become a better version of yourself. The problem with the father is that over time, he learn in society’s eyes if you’re not making a lot of money, then you’re a failure. His father was once like Javed, a bold young man whom strive for a better life for himself and took risks, he just got lost over time valuing money over people. I really enjoyed majority of the supporting cast members, just fun likable characters. I do have a significant flaw to give for this film. Whether it be true or not, I can’t help to think just how dumbfounded Javed was in Act 3. Javed comes home from a terrible occurrence, that just happened to his family. Javed wanted to be bold so he flash something he bought with his own money, claiming there is nothing his father can to do to stop him from getting there. Now listen Javed... There are a few things wrong with what you just did. Your family encounter a disappointing afternoon, your father is very strict, he pretty much is against anything that is not Indian/Asian traditional values... WHY WOULD U FLASH WHAT U BOUGHT, TO HIM IN HIS FACE DURING A TIME LIKE THIS?! Just keep what you bought a secret or at least when things cool down, whether it’s true or not, I didn’t get Javed’s head in this scene. You know what this film reminds me of in a way?! Sing Street. Sing Street is one of my favorite films, one of the best musicals ever made. This film felt like a goofier version of Sing Street... I Freaking Loved this Film. Back in November 2011, I attempted my first suicide attempt. What kept me from completing my suicide attempt, is an album called Take Care made by Drake. If it wasn’t for that album, I wouldn’t be here today, from then I became a huge fan of Drake. Like Javed it was a weird period of my life, but however it was an absolutely fun time and it lifted my spirit from the grave, as it inspired me to keep on living. That’s why I felt I had a connection with this story being told, it’s very personal and relatable to those whom found an inspiration or guidance from a musical artist. Heck look at comedian/actor Pete Davidson, he said if it wasn’t for Kid Cudi he be gone as well. Music is an art form that inspires us, due to sound and lyrics that can be relatable to the life we are currently living, that’s why it’s a beautiful art form. Also we both have a passion towards writing, so this film felt like it was speaking to my soul. What I loved about this film it’s self aware of what it is. It’s an extremely goofy and sometimes corny film, characters have random sing along moments to Bruce Springsteen music out in school, a flea market, and even a restaurant overcoming racist bullies... You can’t help but smile and laugh, reminds me of last years Paddington 2 jail scene, where the inmates dance in a musical number making marmalade sandwiches. The film doesn’t care if you think these kids are weird, they’re just having fun with life all because of an artist they love. When the film does go towards a serious dramatic direction, involving drama and racism, I felt it was handled maturely. Sure the film feels entirely goofy for the most part, but the way these serious scenes are handled, they present it in a way where you can take it seriously as you do care about the situation going on in these scenes. I really enjoyed a scene, where Javed and his best friend Matt having a dispute because Javed thinks Matt is dumb for not liking the same music as him. It was pretty good scene, it felt appropriate because some of us get carried away with our opinions on art as we harshly criticized those that don’t feel the same way as us. We can all have different opinions, as we can respect our differences and just move on... Wow if only today’s society can finally come to terms with common sense, I hope when people watch that scene, they’ll figure it out moving forward. The comedy was great as well, I found myself laughing a lot while watching this film. I felt the end was pretty sweet and thoughtful. Sometimes going towards our passion in life is what we need to do, but we don’t need to totally abandon our entire family by doing so. We just hope they can open their eyes, as they can see we want more during our time here than what they think is best for us. Overall, Blinded by the Light is the best feel good movie of the year, a wonderful film. I highly recommend watching this film, I guarantee you’ll have a good time at the movies. Well done Gurinder Chadha, this film is what people really needed right now, nothing but pure joy and happiness I got out of this film. -Mitch Smietana

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