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Becky Quick View; Grade C

Here I thought this week was going to fill my heart with joy, as the movie theaters in my city were going to reopen. Four days before official reopening day... They delayed the opening of theaters for another three weeks... Why, Just Why?! Is two hours of pure happiness too much to ask for these days?! Eh I just can't take this much heartache man, but anyways there are many new 2020 films to talk about, so let's talk about one that put up some numbers in the box office.

Becky is about a teenage girl named Becky (Lulu Wilson) who is grieving over the passing of their mother. Becky's father (Joel McHale) surprises Becky as they're not selling the house. But that's not the only surprise Becky will receive this fine afternoon, her father announces he's getting married to his new gal, which made Becky very upset. But wait there's ANOTHER surprise... A Neo Nazi Dominick (Kevin James) whom leads a bunch of goons, invade the house, as their on a search for an ancient key. Apparently this ancient key holds a great amount of value to Dominick as it'll help with his revolution. It's up to Becky to defeat all these goons and protect the ancient powerful key.

The Cinematography was fine, the shaky cam can be a little obnoxious at times. The Score wasn't half bad, offers some interesting techno music, especially the opening resemble the title sequence of Enter the Void. Speaking of title sequence: The title sequence in this film pretty much is a rip off towards Enter the Void. The cast all in all was pretty mediocre. Lulu Wilson playing Becky was just fine, felt her teenage angst attitude felt awkward to me. As far as the character of Becky, she's the only character that is fully developed. We understand her frustrations of how she goes on about life, as she misses her mother dearly, as she felt extremely upset towards her father moving on too fast. Becky kind of resembles Hit Girl from Kick Ass, only Hit Girl is much superior than this character. For what it’s worth: Becky reminded me of my little cousin Riley, so that’s... Cool I guess? Kevin James playing Evil Kevin James was honestly bad. Never once didn't I ever bought Kevin James performance for one second, of being this diabolical Neo Nazi. In fact this Neo Nazi is by far the most calmed modern day Neo Nazi, I've ever seen. Now look I never met every single Neo Nazi in my life, so who am I to pre judge Dominick. But the thing is Dominick is not described as this Neo Nazi, who is searching for a life change, as he wants to pursue his dreams of baking fresh baked cookies. This man escaped from prison, killed a family, and now is terrorizing this family over a wooden key... Yet he looks perfectly calm the entire time?! Where is the rage? Where is the aggression? Where's the emotion, in which the audience could feel this character is terrifying to watch?! It's just Kevin James being Kevin James with Nazi symbol tattoos all over his body.

Becky does hold somewhat entertainment value, as far as death scenes go. There's one death scene involving a wooden ruler... I haven't seen a death scene involved with a ruler, since Child's Play 2... I enjoy Child's Play 2. The story as a whole is very simple, as you spot out the cliches you've seen a thousand times before. I will say that Becky for the most part doesn't come off as dull at any point. The film has a purpose in providing a simple house invasion story, that has a beginning to end, as it gets the job done without being complicated at any point... Other than that mysterious key. My main issue with Becky is the fact the film begins with the outcome of what happens in the end... That pisses me off. Never give away the ending of your film in the opening sequence, takes away the tension and excitement your film could have, as you don't know what could possibly happen to our characters. One other thing to mention is the fact one of our characters had a chance to contact 911, as they didn't bother in trying... Why?! I guess it was because the idea of revenge, sounded better suited for Becky, but still I would've just done it just incase. If the main villain of the film wasn’t entirely flat performance wise and character wise, this would've easily been average. At the end of the day: Becky is a house invasion film that isn't special, but at least wasn't dull as a whole, providing some entertainment.

Overall, Becky was just ok. I guess if you're bored with nothing to do, then yeah you can check out this film if you want to. -Mitch Smietana

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