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Beastie Boys Story; A Documentary Oddly Enough Gives Answers to the Difficulties of Today. Grade: B+

Beastie Boys Story is a documentary film about one of the most iconic diverse bands of all time The Beastie Boys. In this documentary not only will we learn about the humble beginnings, struggles, and triumphs with the band. But we are also offered a live experience, of two members of the band telling their story along with a live audience. Witness a documentary film displaying growth and true friendship.

Beastie Boys Story has been on my radar for awhile. One being a new Spike Jonze film, as well as I didn’t know anything about this iconic band, so of course it was my most anticipated film of the month of April releases. Beastie Boys Story is an unique experience, regarding handling the documentary genre. While it’s still a documentary, it treats itself as if it’s a live show, which is something different. This format was honestly refreshing, I enjoy the presence of both members of the band telling their story, as I found the interactive nature to make me feel like I was in the room with them. I think one risk in creating a documentary in this format, is if the audience won’t be a distraction. Thankfully enough the audience for the most part was pretty respectful during the duration of this live show. Does the audience get carried away in applauding for everything?! Sometimes yes, but at least there was no annoying fan boys wilding out, like the Marvel fan boys partaking a Marvel movie, so thank God for that.

The substance of this documentary made me feel many emotions. You feel joy, sadness, laughter, inspiration, and even touched while listening to this story. Not only is it a film about a famous band, it’s also a rather touching story about friendship and even more so personal growth. While we enjoy the awesome cool story about this band, we also are seeing just a few regular boys, growing up into matured adults. You can see the growth within their music, their style, but more so their character. While their debut album granted this band stardom and fame, the nature of the music they were displaying within their album wasn’t a lifestyle they would want to maintain in years to come. It essentially made the band take a reasonable break, as they try to find their identity as human beings.

Once the band comes back together... They wanted to be true to themselves going forward, as they left behind the silly kids they were with their first album behind. One moment in the film, one band member displayed a really powerful quote that needs to be heard especially in today’s society. “I rather be a hypocrite, than be the same person forever.” The members of this band didn’t let their past hold them back, on what their true identity could become. They learn from their mistakes, continue to move forward, and grew up to become terrific individuals. We’re all flawed, but we have the choice to become better people over the course of time, as no one should dictate if their life should be over, over a mistake they have made in life. Very powerful stuff.

One other flaw to mention about the film is some comedic gags don’t always land. Like I found the technical difficulties gag to be not funny to me, it happens. As a story and as an experience: This film does many wonders for myself and it should do a whole lot of good for others. You get an entertaining, thoughtful, and emotionally riveting story all in one, where one can gain remorseful lessons.

Overall, Beastie Boys Story is a pretty damn good documentary film. I highly recommend checking this film out, definitely worth your time for entertainment and personal growth, especially in this difficult time we’re in at the moment. -Mitch Smietana

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