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Avengers EndGame: A Solid Epic Conclusion to the MCU series Grade: B

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Source: IMDB

As the brilliant visionary known as Thanos (Josh Brolin), wiped out half of the human population with his infinity stones. The world can now have full peace on earth without it being over populated as it no longer has stubborn annoying human beings wrecking everything. However the losing bums known as The Avengers, did not like this idea whatsoever, as they certainly can not let such a beautiful idea like this slide. They will have to take on the man the myth the legend Thanos, hoping to bring back the world the way it originally and bring back their other super bum friends. Nothing brings me joy, than delivering sarcasm, let’s talk about EndGame shall we as many of you been anticipating the film of the spring. Both The Cinematography and Score was solid, t’was a lovely looking film and it sounded pretty nice as a composed Score and soundtrack selections. The visual effects to me about the same with Infinity War: Outstanding yet again. Definitely movie magic type quality effects you’re getting out of here, just terrific can see this department nominated for a second year in a row. The cast of this film was actually solid all around, except just a couple. The best performance and character of this film, which I’m seriously surprise: Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. I enjoyed just about every scene, from that great dark opening, to an emotional second act, this is the type of performance I wanted he delivered BIG TIME. Mark Ruffalo did a better job as the Hulk than his last performance in Infinity War, did not annoy me at all, solid performance. I thought the Achilles heel was going to be Ant Man played by Paul Rudd, because he was terrible in Ant Man and the Wasp. This time around: Wasn’t half bad, thanks for showing me you belonged in this film, I now shall be happy Thanos didn’t wipe you out from existence after all. Pretty good performances all around from Robert Downey Jr, to Chris Evans, to especially Scarlett Johansson... Loved this trio. So the worst performance of this entire film... Brie Larson playing Captain Marvel, she’s even worst than what she did in her solo super hero flick. Every scene she’s in was bad, line delivery was dreadful luckily she’s not in it for long but SHEESH talk about a bad first and second impression. Now of course my expectations for Avengers EndGame wasn’t that high. I know for a fact I wasn’t going to get a Lord of the Rings epic like conclusion, these Marvel films can’t come close to that level of greatness. This is one of the only reviews, where you’re going to get an unbiased view point. I like these films, but I don’t love them except Iron Man, so you’re in good hands for a brutally honest review. The question is: Did Avengers EndGame delivered? I believe so, this was a solid epic conclusion to a series of films. I enjoyed the storyline of this film, it’s a refreshing original concept that I admired, t’was definitely cool. There is a consistent interest with this film from beginning to end, I throughly was invested in this film and how these heroes were going to try to pull this off. I enjoyed the end as well, despite it’s pretty much is a copied and paste version of Lord of the Rings Return of the King, it was still exciting to watch. This film did hit a certain solid level of emotion, that I didn’t think I would feel because I’m not in love with these characters, but heck what they did in near end did these heroes justice I will say. The action was good, some of the comedy material worked a few times, not the best dialogue but I enjoyed some certain lines in this film. Avengers EndGame is not perfect, it has a few flaws. This film felt more like a fan service project, than being a film to me and it shows. I felt this film was inconsistent with it’s tones. It’s a light hearted sit com, mixed with a serious drama. The sit com portion can sometimes take me out of taking this film seriously, I mean it’s crucial moment for our heroes, I would’ve rather have kept the same consistent dark tone like Infinity War did. The pacing was an issue. I understand you have to set up a lot of things, but however the pacing can perhaps take me out of the film a couple times, I even yawn a few times. One last thing: The end of the film. Two things I can say: It dragged a bit long or you could’ve constructed it better. I would’ve kept the dark end, then use the somewhat emotional ending they did, then be done, you didn’t need the other stuff at all and why?! Because it takes away the beautifully executed emotion you originally had, I don’t know why they messed around at that point. With a scene that great in emotion, you should never mess with that, great films can be taken away their reputation of being great, because you messed up a great emotional end. I do agree with some the somewhat emotional ending didn’t really work, I felt it was a bit silly, but if constructed better I thought it would’ve fit just fine. Overall, I thought Avengers: EndGame was good, I enjoyed myself and it had some good qualities to offer. I recommend this film, fans of this cinematic universe will love it obviously, but unbiased film lovers will like it too, so that’s nice. Hey Russo brothers: Job well done Lad, job well done indeed, t’was nice. -Mitch Smietana

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