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Armageddon Time; Grade: B+

Armageddon Time tells a story about a boy named Paul Graff (Banks Repeta) whom aspires to become an artist in the future. In Paul’s class he makes a friend named Johnny Davis (Jaylin Webb), whom aspires into wanting to have a future in NASA. Johnny Davis has a troubling time at school, as he’s been held back a year, has a difficult time developing as a student in his teachers class, plus things at home aren’t going so well. As Paul and Johnny develop their friendship, both will get into some trouble, which leaves Paul’s parents into determining if Paul needs to be put into a private school, to help him stay on course with college and not go off chasing dreams that won’t secure him an income.

I’ve liked James Gray films over the years: We Own the Night, The Immigrant, The Lost City of Z, and Ad Astra… Man has made a pretty successful film career. With Armageddon Time I see critics aren’t over heels with this one, as audiences gave this a merely negative score… Could be because of the film or the fact Anne Hathaway decided to talk political matters, than discuss the film so who knows. To me: I really enjoyed Armageddon Time.

The story of Armageddon Time feels like a total relatable film to those, whom have been struggling with guilt more towards their younger past. As kids we often make mistakes that can indeed to feel extremely selfish, which then carries onto adulthood thinking to ourselves… How could we do such a thing to someone that actually genuinely cared about us?! It felt that way in this story, where Paul and Johnny had a great friendship that was kind, genuine, as they both develop a great connection. But the problem was everyone in Paul’s surroundings whether it be his family, the school, or even kids he hang with… They’ve all pointed him into a direction that prevents him from hanging with a boy like Johnny, even though Johnny was a good friend to Paul.

I honestly can relate to a story like this in some degree unfortunately. I had a friend named Reese whom was a year older than me. Me and him had a pretty good friendship over a couple years, we used to play out in the neighborhood along with my other friends that lived in that same neighborhood. But all of a sudden: I then turned on Reese due to the fact my other friends no longer wish to hang with him. Reese may have a tough boy reputation, but the kid had many problems including an unstable family situation, which is why my mother at times did her best to invite him to Church every other Sunday even when I wasn’t present with them. Though I can forgive myself since I was 10 years old, but every now and then I think about the kid as I feel terrible that I abandoned the kid when he needed a friend the most, which makes sense why I try to make an effort into being the best I can be for my friends since high school.

So in a way when I was watching Johnny go through with the problems he was facing, including having to sleep outside in a shed house in the freezing cold… It just brought me down to complete sadness, as I was thinking about Reese. Maybe as human beings we all go through moments in our lives, where we’re all dumb and naive and treat true friends like garbage because we don’t know any better, as it can affect our Mental Estate over the course of time.

Overall, Armageddon Time was a pretty damn good film. I highly recommend checking this one out, it is not available to rent on premium V.O.D. -Mitch Smietana

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