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Arctic Quick View Ice Cold Baby, I’m Ice Cold Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Arctic tells a story about a man named Overgard (Mads Mikkelsen) whom is stranded in a frozen waste land, somewhere in the Arctic. See how Overgard goes through the many harsh obstacles that the arctic offers, surviving the harsh conditions and living off fish and water alone, as he hopes to return back home soon. I’ve waited awhile to see this film and I gotta say: Not only does it delivered, but it impressed me. The Cinematography of this film look stunning, beautifully capturing the beauty of this frozen place and the horrors of this place. The shots with the polar bears were great as well. The Score was enjoyable to listen, whether it boosted up in intense scenes, or just naturally in harmonic tones. The cast only consists of two cast members, but honestly the main vocal point was our main character Mads Mikkelsen and he was terrific. With barely any dialogue given to this character, he just delivered a ground breaking performance, as we all bought in thinking he really is stranded out in the arctic, amazing job. This one of the better films, with a simple concept of a man stranded out in the arctic. It’s effective because it takes on a different route, than you see in any other typical films of this concept. There’s barely any dialogue given, like literally at all, you are just witnessing an experience of man taking a route of a map trying to escape and seek a rescue out of the arctic. It’s a refreshing new look on this concept as I got to say Joe Penna did a well done job with this story and direction, was totally engaged from start to end towards this brutal adventure film. A couple flaws to mention. At times with this concept, you tend to get bored at times, without much dialogue it’s going to happen especially in scenes where not much is happening, so it’s suitable for what Penna was going for, but I just have to mention it. A couple scenes at the very end I didn’t care for, one being completely out of place and the other being a bit cheesy. What I was given I was impressed and enjoyed what I received, it’s a solid achievement what Joe Penna accomplishes in this film. Overall, Arctic is a good film. I do recommend this film, if you enjoy this type of concept or even don’t care for this concept, give this a try because it is a refreshing solid take on this concept. -Mitch Smietana

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