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Always be my Maybe Quick View More Keanu, Less Flat Jokes Grade: C

Source: IMDB

Always Be My Maybe is a Romantic comedy set in San Francisco, about two childhood friends Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Park). They haven’t seen each other since Sasha took Marcus’s virginity, but Sasha has returned to San Fran due to having a new restaurant opening in her hometown. Will sparks fly between these childhood friends? This film was alright. The best part of this entire film is when Keanu Reeves shows up, he was great playing himself. No question he was involved with the best scenes in the entire film, delivering the best laughs, I felt he stirred this film towards the right direction because it became a better movie once he was involved. I’ve enjoyed Ali Wong’s comedy special in the past, she’s a funny gal. In this film... Just a couple chuckles. I felt her performance was fine, Ali Wong and Randall Park had solid chemistry together. You believe these two have been childhood friends, so at least they got that portion done correctly. The weakest part of this film is the comedy material, I found it pretty flat, a lot of jokes are missing BIG TIME. Other than the Keanu Reeves scenes and a couple jokes, I just found it very unfunny, the comedy is pretty lame to me. The story itself is a formulated romantic comedy story, which isn’t a bad thing, but it doesn’t offer nothing new to the table. The heart felt moment with Sasha’s parents felt extremely weak, as not enough was developed in order to earn that moment. I mean the only time they show up, was they visited her at her new restaurant, which was a normal scene. I felt they should’ve done a better job, displaying Sasha’s anger towards her parents for basically leaving her home alone for her entire childhood. It never felt like she had much resentment for her parents, because they don’t develop it well at all. Also I didn’t care for the moment in the end with them either, I paused it because... It was laughably bad. It didn’t make me feel anything, it just made me question why would anyone put this scene in this film and think it was touching moment?! Overall, Always be my Maybe was just ok. If you have nothing to do, you can certainly watch it if you like. -Mitch Smietana

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