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All is Well Quick View All is Well Indeed, This is a Good Movie Grade: B

Source: IMDB

All is Well is about a woman named Janne (Aenne Schwartz) whom is going through some troubling times. Filing bankruptcy as well as she was raped after her school reunion. When Janne is given a job opportunity from her close colleague, she discovers her new boss is the same man that has raped her. This film is titled All is Well on Netflix, also titled Alles Ist Gut which is wherever the country made this film, and All Good on Letterboxd... So that was a trip, check out my Letterboxd Mitch Smietana for quick reviews and ratings of thousands of movies. All is Well is indeed all is well, I thought this was a good movie. Aenne Schwartz delivers a great performance, by far stands out from the rest, delivered a lot of heart and emotion towards this role. The story is told simply, theres no over the top scenes in which some films handled this topic to the extreme, it takes on a more calm approach. Although Janne doesn’t press charges or tattles on her boss, it’s pretty clear just by how broken she is. She feels defenseless and completely weak, every time her boss is in the same room her whole body shuts down. I mean without her pride and divinity what else does she have?! She lost a great life, with a good amount of fortune as she’s now bankrupt, a good job, a relationship that used to be strong with her significant other... She just feels completely empty. Surprisingly enough we also have Janne’s colleague going through some troubling times with his wife. Not only is their relationship going south, but it’s also toxic where his wife beats him. I feel the film was trying to show that men aren’t the only ones abusive in a relationship, women also can be that too, which I found that refreshing. The problem I have with that is it wasn’t developed enough between the colleagues relationship, I understand the main focus on this film is Janne but would’ve liked to see about five to ten minutes towards that. I also felt Janne’s relationship became a mixed bag, I couldn’t tell if they were still together, I didn’t understand why her significant other was mad at her at one point where he didn’t let her in the house, just felt confused. I also felt the run time went on very quick for a film like this one, should’ve been longer. Overall, All is Well was a solid film. I recommend this film, check it out on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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