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Abominable An Adventure That Kids will Love, as Parents will Find Some Enjoyment Grade: C+

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Abominable tells a story of a hard working gal Yi (Chloe Bennet), whom is working many odd jobs so she can save up to visit all the places she wants to go. Yi has been keeping herself distant from her family, as she hasn’t been the same since her father died. Yi will eventually be visited by a friend... A very large white hairy Yeti. Yi names the Yeti Everest, as Everest would like to return home to his family back in Mount... EVEREST! Yi and her cousins will go on an adventure, to bring Everest back home. The animation in this film looked very nice, nothing ground breaking but it looked pretty. The characters in this film were... Fine. Our main character Yi was a good character, I understand her pain. Losing a family member you were closest with is always tough, though I wouldn’t recommend shutting your entire family off... I understand some family members, can’t compare to the one whom you loved the most. I believe her arc came about, when her cousins got involved with the Yeti. As Yi spends more time with her cousins than just herself and chasing after a dream her father envision for her, she becomes more open to share her gifts and emotions with others. So in a way I can understand how she grows as a character... But in the end, it kind of feels meh that it takes an adventure with a Yeti to do so. Everest the Yeti was cute, I liked his special powers and found it very cool. Only flaw I have to mention about Everest, is why Kid Cudi is not voicing this character?! His special power requires Everest to hum... The internet thinks Kid Cudi’s hum is the greatest sound ever created in humanity, use it for your advantage. So I won’t spoil the antagonist of this film... I didn’t like this character, nor the plot twist. I guess the only thing I kind of like about it, was shoving our main character off the bridge... It was a little extreme over capturing a freaking Yeti, but heck you gotta show the kids the world is dark someday. I actually liked our side kick characters Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and Albert (Albert Tsai), thought they were funny and charming. Couple flaws to mention. Some of the comedy material was very lame. Anytime they brought out a selfie gag... I cringed every time, you know a teenager or adult taking a selfie or saying selfie while taking a selfie is not funny? When will they learn. I know most of you are waiting patiently for this complaint... Yes I did not like the cliche annoying loud animal character Whoop the Snake... Watching a Snake pop up and saying “Whoop” every time is not funny, it’s not cute, please for the love of God STOP MAKING THESE CHARACTERS! I felt Abominable was pretty average, but I did however felt my time was well worth spent. It’s a nice little adventure film, though it’s not ground breaking in story telling, it still keeps me invested as I’m enjoying myself somewhat. Sometimes the humor works in this film as I caught myself chuckling a few times. You can say it teaches kids a valuable lesson of handling grieving and giving your other family members, you value less than your favorite a chance. It’s a film that’ll make kids happy and entertained for an hour and a half, while parents can also have a fine time, where they don’t feel tortured in watching below mediocre crap... I mean have you see the Arctic Dogs trailer?! I’m going to pray for all parents that are going to be forced to watch that. Overall, Abominable was a perfectly fine kids movie. I guess I kind of recommend this film for parents with children, ball out with movie tickets and snack packs!!! -Mitch Smietana

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