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A Quiet Place 2; A Rock Solid Sequel! Grade: B

A Quiet Place 2 continues the journey of the Abbot family, in which they leave their home to discover there are others still alive in this post apocalyptic world. The daughter Regan Abbot (Millicent Simmonds) discovers a radio station, in which plays an actual song Beyond the Sea. Regan believes she knows where this radio station is located, as she figures she can use her hearing aid in which can affect all the monsters and return to some kind of normality. Regan goes on the journey alone, along with the help of a family friend Emmett (Cillian Murphy). As for the mother Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt), she'll embark a much more difficult challenge... Mother duty for a new born and healing a wound for her son Marcus Abbot (Noah Jupe). Will everyone survive from the monsters?! Who knows!

The Cinematography was solid yet again, really enjoyed the visuals from the studio room and the visuals from the boat scene... Reminded of that one disturbing sequence in The Road. The Score was solid as well, the composed score had me hyped in several moments and also had me on the edge of my seat.

The cast all in all was pretty damn good as a whole. Surprisingly enough Millicent Simmonds is taking on more of the lead in this whole journey, as she was pretty damn good. As for the character Regan: This little girl is TOUGH, what a brave and daring little girl taking on this extremely dangerous journey, took a lot of courage especially given the fact she can't hear, so she has basically no awareness where the monsters are coming from. Cillian Murphy playing the family friend had a solid performance, I honestly enjoyed the character more so as he made a grand new addition to the table. For a man that lost just about everything: With Regan and her journey, he was given a purpose to make a huge difference in a world that lacks any sense of hope. I liked Emily Blunt and Noah Jupe, that whole side plot was intense indeed I must say.

I do have flaws for A Quiet Place 2. Marcus makes a pretty stupid decision in the second act, as you question why didn't he just stay where he's at?! Like you have a fair amount of responsibility at hand and also dealing with a massive injury, why would you even dare?! The pacing of this film can be slow in several moments. I also found the ending... I don't know, I could've experience another hour, but I guess it's set up for a trilogy so whatever I guess.

We've been waiting for awhile for this sequel, should've been released back last year but because of the pain in the ass... At least we finally got here and it's not released on a streaming service so let's thank God. I thought this sequel... Delivered.

I really enjoyed the opening of this film, as it was pretty awesome in how Day 1 came about and how the Abbott came about with all these monsters taking over. It felt similar to the likes of War of the Worlds even, like that level of intensity with regards of the aliens just obliterating human beings on sight, felt very similar to that level of intensity. I liked the story as a whole, it was pretty effective in terms of entertainment and thrills I will say. These characters getting to each destination, to execute a purpose made logical sense for survival and for conquering the monsters. I'm honestly quite satisfied in what I received here, felt like a rock solid sequel in which fans will be excited for a potential trilogy capping off the series.

Overall, A Quiet Place 2 was solid. I recommend checking this one out, it's a must watch in a theater. Man I gotta say: I've had two really good theater going experiences with these two movies, that require silence... Why can't all movies get this treatment?! This would’ve been better if I was seeing it with the homies Charles and Mihran, like we did the first one... Hope my G’s are doing well these days -Mitch Smietana

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