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7500; Joesph Gordon-Levitt Brings His A-Game in an Average at Best Script. Grade: C+

7500 is a film about a plane in Berlin getting hijacked by a few Muslim men. Our co-pilot Tobias (Joesph Gordon- Levitt) is now on his own, as the hijackers have killed the other pilot in the cockpit. Tobias must go through many difficult obstacles, in which refusing to open the cockpit doors, even when the hijackers take hostages upon their own hands.

The Cinematography was solid as a whole, though it’s shot mainly in the cockpit while showing surveillance footage, still looked nice. The cast all in all was solid as a whole. Joesph Gordon-Levitt is absolutely the best part of this entire film, without him it might as well be mediocre at best. Joesph gives us a great performance, as it makes the film more intense and emotional at the same time. Joesph Gordon-Levitt is highly underrated as an actor, only reason why he’s not talked about more is the fact he partakes in many average scripts. Hopefully in due time his talent will be recognize in a higher scale, but thank God he showed up like he always does day in and day out in any project he’s in.

I do have my flaws with 7500. I felt the way this film is presented, made sequences predictable. You know whom the hijackers are, due to the fact this film’s surveillance footage is locked in on the men. It kind of takes away from the suspense, of knowing anyone could hijack this plane, leaving much unawareness. One could argue they needed to be locked in on the men, as it can show the audience how they acquire glass as a weapon. But I can counter that in you can show it briefly and still be unaware if that was the culprit. A couple choices made by Tobias didn’t make much sense in the cockpit. Like announcing he’s in full control of the aircraft, as it led to the hijackers taking on hostages. All the hijackers were doing previously is banging on the door, if you didn’t announce the passengers that everything was cool, maybe they wouldn’t have thought of escalating in taking on a hostage. I don’t understand why Tobias didn’t kill one of the hijackers, that was in the cockpit. Tobias is injured, where he’s operating with one arm, get the job done so you don’t have to worry later on if anything happens. One last flaw believe it or not this film is a bit too long, as it doesn’t necessarily need to be ninety plus minutes. It shows in the near end.

7500 is a poor mans child of United 93. With Paul Greengrass’ film based on the actual events of 9/11, there was a lot more substance there than in this film. Though of course there’s nothing wrong with 7500 being simple, I’m just saying the film reminds me of another film that is executed much better. What was intriguing about 7500 believe it or not, is the cockpit itself. I actually was unaware of the advance technology, as this actually provides an effective way to counter hijackers. With 7500, screenplay wise it’s pretty simple. It’s pretty much done in bullet points, getting to Point A to Point E. It’s average at best story wise, however it’s captivated by a great performance, while also a couple times there are well executed intense sequences. Not much more to say about this film honestly. It’s a film that has a task at hand and does it just fine.

Overall, 7500 is a perfectly average film. I’d give it a watch on Amazon Prime, if you want something much better than I suggest United 93. Happy Fathers Day to all the A1 OG’s out there, hope you all have a blessed holiday! -Mitch Smietana

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