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6:45; The Future of Cinema is NOW! Grade: F

This year's Summer Movie Season has had me a bit hesitant to go to the theaters, in several occasions. Is it because of the new pain in the ass the media and "health experts" keeps on telling the people to worry about and not continuing on life forward?! Oh heavens no, don't be silly! I've been a bit hesitant due to the films that are playing in the theaters, as quality level is steadily declining recently. When you have pointless sequels such as Fast and Furious 9 (Why), The Forever Purge (Make it Stop), and of course Space Jam 2 (Why does this exist)... It doesn't really inspire me to go to the theaters. What I look for in my theatrical experience are films that are original, unique, creative, entertaining, and meaningful. So what made me inspired to go continue the Summer Movie Season, on the first Friday of the month of August?! None other than this random film, apparently the second most popular movie theater chain has some kind of ties to it... 6:45?!?

What is 6:45 you ask?! It's a horror knock off of such films as Groundhogs Day, Happy Death Day, and who could forget the embarrassing Marlon Wayan Netflix original film Naked. 6:45 features a couple Jules (Augie Duke) and Bobby (Michael Reed), on a romantic getaway in some random town in a bed and breakfast ordeal. The couple ventures on some low end local activities, like playing at an arcade, shopping at an everyday regular store, watching classic films every ten minutes, going on the beach, and of course going to a local bar where a local customer tries and steal your woman. Bobby proposes to Jules to marry him, then all of a sudden Jules unexpectedly gets her throat slashed and Bobby gets his neck snapped. But have no fear: THE DAY REPEAT ITSELF, AT 6:45 EXACTLY. Bobby is the only person that can notice the day will repeat itself over and over again, unless Bobby cracks the code on what it wants Bobby to learn about his experience, in order for him to escape it.

I don't think anyone will ever understand, why the second biggest movie theater chain in America, would want to invest in a low to no budget horror film like 6:45. How was this film pitched? What actually drawn interest to take on a chance, on something that is likely to be buried deep in the $2 bin at Walmart? Did they actually get to watch it themselves, before releasing it to the public? Hopefully a well deserved documentary will be made about it, because the world deserves to know how can this possibly get kind of attention?!

6:45 may not be an original concept, however it does offer an experience I haven't experience in a theater like setting. It's one of those films in which is a complete and utter disaster, where absolutely nothing goes right on any aspect. However you can't help but to stay and watch, because the experience of the story being told makes you fascinated, as how absurd can it possibly go, to the point where you're having the best laugh of your life in years.

6:45 opens the story with a cringeworthy soft core sex scene, as from the first second, you will then come to an understanding that what you're about to watch is not going to be a traditional horror film. There are many soft core sex scenes, we even get to experience an entire day sequence filled with soft core sex scenes, as the couple just has sex the entire day... I'm not making this up. There is not a single clever, creative, or any purpose in having majority of these sex scenes, it just happens because apparently the film maker knows the best recipe into making a thought revoking entertaining scary horror film is SEX!

6:45 is ambitious with it's visual style. Never mind about the many out of focus sequences, let's talk about the real deal: The many boxes. In one sequence, about eight different boxes are being shown on screen, encountering many sequences all at once as it keeps changing within each box. What is the meaning behind this style?! It beats me, but give credit to where its due, as no film maker has ever came close to come up with a style like this, perhaps maybe Ang Lee's Hulk is what give the film maker inspiration?!

6:45 delivers the best bad acting compilation you can ever experience in your entire life. No one knows if it's the actors, the directors, or the writers whom wrote such dumb founded dialogue ever known to man... But to me, it's an all out group effort into making the most memorable bad acting moments that'll go down in cinema history.

6:45 delivers the best written characters. From our lead man Bobby: A temper tantrum asshole that hides the truth of cheating on his girlfriend multiple times. Our lead woman Jules who continues to keep seeing Bobby for whatever reason?! The Bed and Breakfast host Gene (Armen Garo), whom is beyond creepy and gets arouse with the couple having sex in the room. How about the ole random local bartender? How about the local Lesbian at the bar, delivering such a famous pickup line "Ditch the Stick and Get With the Chick"... If that doesn't inspire you to run to the theater and see this wonderful creation, I don't know what will. How about the random girlfriends Bobby slept with, behind Jules back that comes every now and then? How about the wonderful cops at the end? Whomever created all these wonderful characters, deserves nothing but praise.

6:45 from a story standpoint makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and even when it tries to complete a point, it somehow makes matters much worse. As Bobby gets well earned advice from our friendly everyday bartender, that when it comes to women... HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY! Bobby learns that on Day 8, as this could be the key to get him out of this never ending loophole. When does he actually tell the truth... DAY 100! It took Bobby 92 more never ending repeated days, of experiencing the same day and the same death over and over again, to go by the bartenders advice to get him out of this mess... Why?! No one knows. Bobby then tells the truth, which then the movie has encounter a beautiful ending... PLOT TWIST! No spoilers needed, you must see it for yourself, but the plot twist brings in more confusion as if it wasn't confusing enough... What exactly does this all mean?! The film honestly could at least finish the job, delivering a half ass lesson... But the film maker just couldn't accept that, not on his watch, like his Soft Core Sex Scenes... LET'S GET WEIRD!!!

If you're looking for a film this summer, that'll bring the joy and fun of the theatrical experience: 6:45 is the answer. Date Nights? HELL YEAH! A day/night out with the friends? HELL YEAH! Family night? YOU BET YA! Enjoy life to the fullest and experience a film as glorious as 6:45, a film in which you will be guaranteed the best laugh of your life.

Overall, 6:45 is complete garbage, but it's garbage worth saving! I recommend watching this, I don't care if it's completely awful, it's worth every penny! Thank you Regal Cinemas and Craig Singer, for giving the world 6:45, we forever love you as I now have hope for a better future going forward! -Mitch Smietana

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