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3 From Hell It’s Existence is Questionable... However I still had a fun time. Grade: C+

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3 From Hell is the third installment of Rob Zombie’s House of a 1,000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects. Otis (Bill Moseley) and Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) somehow survived twenty bullet shot wounds. Otis escapes form prison, from the help of his half brother Winslow Foxworth Coltrane (Richard Blake). They hope to escape Baby from prison, so they can raise some hell once again. When it comes to Rob Zombie, I may not be the biggest fan of his films. In fact I only liked The Devils Rejects and Halloween (2007). But I do appreciate Rob Zombie as a film maker. He may not be the best film maker in horror, but he works with whomever he wants despite criticism and makes whatever he wants... I appreciate film makers that set their eye on their own vision and stick with it, not caring what anyone says... He’s awarded a fan base for a reason. I’m truly surprised 3 From Hell exists, just because of how The Devils Rejects ended... But it’s 2019 so anything is possible right?! The Cinematography looked good at times and at times was eh. I really admire the documentary style in the beginning, Zombie was inspired by the 1970’s Charles Manson documentary, the entire intro looked really cool. At times you really dig the look of this film, as it feels like an ole retro looking grind house film, very old school. I will say the film bothered me during a scene where Baby was put in the cage... I couldn’t make of anything going on in that scene. I get why Zombie made it that way, due to the pay off... But still really disliked the way that scene was shot. There’s also another occurrence involved Otis and gun shots in the first act as well, can’t make of anything going on too. The Score was good as well, dope soundtrack selections and the usual dark horror composed music. I say the cast was enjoyable to watch, when it comes to Rob Zombie films you’ll always find problems with his cast... But for some reason the cast in this film improved from his previous films. Maybe it’s because everyone involved in this film really enjoys this series and was so happy Zombie decided to come back with another one, so it seems like everyone had a ball working on this film. Unfortunately Zombie had to cut Captain Spaulding played by Sid Haig from this third film, due to health issues. I thought during his short time on screen he was a joy to watch, as I was bummed out he couldn’t go on to do more scenes... Hope you’re feeling better Sid. Zombie brings on a new member of the Devils Rejects: Richard Blake playing Winslow, he has played in previous Zombie films before. Though can never truly capture the iconic presence of Sid Haig, I felt Richard Blake did a cool job with his performance. He always plays a convincing psychopath, as he fits right in with this crew of killer psychopaths. Bill Moseley and Sheri Moon Zombie revive their iconic roles, as I felt both did a good job... Surprisingly Sheri Moon Zombie. It felt this time around Sheri felt more comfortable with this role, experimenting ways to convince the audience that’s she’s the craziest of the bunch... I mean Otis was even disturbed by Baby. I had a lot of fun with this performance, it was crazy and hilarious. I do have a couple problems with 3 From Hell. I felt it’s existence wasn’t needed. Before you come at me with complaints, hear me out. The Devils Rejects is the lone critically acclaimed film from Rob Zombie’s entire career, plus the way the film ends... I mean is anyone going to tell me why there NEEDED to be a follow up?! I get the fan base of this series, I mean I enjoyed Devils Rejects too, it’s a dope film... But coming out with another one, after it all concluded just didn’t make sense and it still doesn’t make sense. Speaking of Devils Rejects: This film kind of feels like another version of Devils Rejects. Follows similar tropes, beat for beat, shot for shot resembles the exact same film as Devils Rejects, a few changes have been made sure but it just reminds me too much of the last movie. That’s why we shouldn’t encourage film makers to make another sequel, when another sequel feels pointless... You’ll end up getting a duplicate just about, because they don’t have nothing new to work with this series, because it was DONE years ago. 3 From Hell was still an enjoyable fine watch. The thing that keeps this film at float, is the fact it’s entertaining. Whether it be the whacky characters, the bizarre over the top gore, and some funny moments... It’s hard for me to not get enjoyment out of it, it’s fun to watch. I mean the characters in this film are so diabolical, you can never side with any of them... However you kind of like them. It reminds me of a friend that is the life of the party, despite they’re a bad influence, you can’t help but kind of want to hang out with them because they’re just so FUN. The best moments of violence has to be either Baby chasing a woman out in the streets with a knife or the whole finale at the end, I can see some inspiration from earlier Rambo films from that finale. I loved the entire clown scene in the first act, it was hilarious and the thing is... I still don’t understand why there is a clown in this scene at all, but I don’t care I laughed my ass off. The thing is with this film, you can tell someone’s heart and soul went into this movie. Sure I have my complaints, I even question it’s existence... But you can sense there is some small details by watching it, that it was made by a guy who really loved the characters he created. There’s a good amount of charm in this film, the way it’s presented that makes you go, “Ah, now here’s a guy making a movie with his pals because he enjoys making a film, that’s kind of rad bro.” I feel fans of the original and sequel will get what they wanted, it may not be offering anything spectacular or new, but it’s a form of entertainment they’ve missed from movies for quite some time. Overall, 3 From Hell is a perfectly fine film. If you’re not into the series or Rob Zombie films, don’t bother watching. If you’re into the series and find Rob Zombie somewhat interesting to follow, I recommend giving it a try this is perhaps my third fav out of his filmography... No pun intended. Not sure if this will be the last we hear from Zombie, but if it is... It’s a kind of a sweet farewell, keep being you Rob! -Mitch Smietana

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