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1917 A Truly Epic Masterclass of a War Film Grade: A

Source: IMDB

1917 tells a story about two British soldiers Lance Blake (Dean Charles-Chapman) and Lance Schofield (George McKay), whom are given an assignment to deliver a message in enemy territory. The Germans are waiting upon attack, as the general wants to stop this attack from happening as it may cause lost in World War 1. For Lance Blake this mission is personal, as if they don’t deliver this message in time, his brother could be dead within the next day. If you’ve been paying attention to award season, you may have like I been stunned at the fact this film took home two major awards at the Golden Globes. I questioned how this can be and had to see so for myself. The Cinematography in this film... Honestly it’s not even fair to any other nominee this year, because it’s absolutely nearly impossible in what this film achieves in this area, it’s incredible. You have to see for yourself to believe it, Roger Deakins puts his name on top as the best cinematographer of all time. The Score of this film was solid, I’m not sure why people were complaining about it I like it just fine. The cast in this film all in all were pretty good. I’ve seen Dean Charles-Chapman earlier this year being in a film I really loved Blinded by the Light, in 1917 he was pretty damn good as I see a bright future for this young man in due time. George Mackay playing Lance Schofield was pretty damn good, really enjoyed the never ending effort from this character, was inspiring enough to get a tear out me in the end. I really have only one flaw for this film and that is some minor pacing issues. Sometimes the level of intensity is slowed down in certain moments, that’s really it for the most part. If I learned anything from watching Dunkirk in 2017 is that these kind of films are not truly appreciated if you don’t see it on the biggest screen and the loudest sound system, regardless if I think that film is clearly overrated, it taught me a valuable lesson as I made sure I had a Dolby screening for this film. Like the Golden Globes: 1917 absolutely stunned me, this film is without a doubt masterful. The film takes on such a simple story and creates an unforgettable experience that leaves you in awe. Sure the script may not in the works of a Marriage Story as far as brilliance, but the film isn’t intended to deliver strong intriguing dialogue, it’s purpose is to provide a simple tale that is inspiring and meaningful as far as history, but the film wants to create a never before seen experience. I struggle to find anything wrong with this film because there barely is anything wrong with it, it’s a completely unique film that really puts you in the characters shoes through this entire journey. The film is flat out epic, you just feel the level of intensity these characters are going through trying to complete this mission and it’s so riveting. For some reason at the end of the film I started tearing up just a tad bit, the film delivers emotional strings in your heart that you really never expected to be there, but just come about once the film ends. I’m looking forward to rewatching this again in due time, just an outstanding motion picture. Overall, 1917 is a fantastic film and is one of the best films of the year. I highly recommend seeing this film, make sure to watch it in Dolby/IMAX if you can, watching on that platform really perfects the purpose in the experience. Outstanding work Sam Mendes, I wish you best of luck in the Oscars this year! -Mitch Smietana

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