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Look Both Ways Quick View; Grade: B

Look Both Ways tells a story about a college gal named Natalie (Lili Reinhart) whom is about to graduate college at the university of...

Not Okay Quick View; Grade: B

Not Okay tells a story about a young woman named Danni (Zoey Deutch), who aspires to be a writer someday. Danni is yearning to get the...

Don’t Make Me Go Quick View; Grade: B

Don’t Make Me Go tells a story about a single father named Max (John Cho) and his only daughter Wally (Mia Isaac). Max has unfortunately...

The Princess Quick View; Grade: D+

The Princess tells a story about a Princess (Joey King), whom has awaken all chained up on a bed in a gigantic castle. The reason the...

Monster (2021) Quick View; Grade: C+

Monster tells a story about a seventeen year old boy named Steve (Kelvin Harrison), a kind chill gentleman who aspires to become a film...

Happily Quick View; Grade: B

Happily tells a story about a happily married couple Tom (Joel McHale) and Janet (Kerry Bishe). Everyone envy’s Tom and Janet’s...

I Care A Lot Quick View; Grade: B

I Care A Lot tells a story about a Legal Guardian Marla (Rosamund Pike) who takes in many wards. The thing is Marla is a extremely...

Shook Quick View; Grade: D-

Shook tells a story about a psychopathic dog killer, who has been going around town killing dogs. Recently during a fabulous runway photo...

Don’t Tell a Soul Quick View; Grade: D

Don’t Tell a Soul tells a story about a couple kids who rob an abandoned home. A security guard has noticed the boys were up to no good,...

Safety Quick View; Grade: C

Safety tells a story about Clemson college student named Ray Ray (Jay Reeves) whom is on a full ride scholarship to play safety for the...

Black Bear Quick View; Grade: B

Black Bear tells a story about a film maker named Allison (Aubrey Plaza), whom goes on a rural retreat to find some inspiration towards...

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