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Val; Grade: C-

Val is a documentary film centered around actor Val Kilmer! Val introduces a whole world of Val Kilmer like you've never seen before, as...

Bo Burnham: Inside; Grade: B+

What does one make of Bo Burnham: Inside?! Is it a comedy special? Is it a concert/music film? Is it even considered a feature film? From...

Zola; Grade: B

Zola tells a story about a waitress named Zola (Taylour Paige) whom gets acquainted with a customer named Stefani (Riley Keough). Stefani...

12 Mighty Orphans; Grade: C+

12 Mighty Orphans tells a story about a high school football coach Rusty Russell (Luke Wilson), whom relocates to an Orphanage as Rusty...

In the Heights; Grade: C+

In the Heights tells a story about a few dreamers living in New York, on a block called Washington Heights. But this wasn’t just no...